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Pumpkin Seed Butter Dressing

I know I promised you a gluten-free muffin recipe to kick off the fall season, but I hope the Pumpkin Seed Butter Dressing I’m including below helps mark this transition into pumpkin-flavored everything, at least until I get my baking hat back on. I’m also doing another round of What I Ate Wednesdays today, starting… [Continue Reading]

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Can’t Be Beet Juice

It’s been awhile since we talked juice and I was recently asked by the folks at Williams-Sonoma to answer some questions on the topic (when WS calls, I answer, ha ha). Anywho, after about a year of not juicing out of sheer laziness, I’ve gotten back in the swing of things. I find there are… [Continue Reading]

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PCOS Focus & Coco-Hemp Fruit Salad Recipe

Hello friends! I’m getting ready to head out of town, but wanted to share a simple and healthy recipe that I’ve been loving lately. You see, I’m going through some big changes with my diet right now, funneling all of my research skills into figuring out how to address the symptoms of PCOS that have… [Continue Reading]

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Summer Scenes

Just checking in and sharing some thoughts and photos. My blogging has felt sporadic this summer but I’m hopeful I’ll feel more focused later this fall. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought seriously about not blogging anymore with all of the changes that have gone on, but then I remember how amazing… [Continue Reading]

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Mint Chip Smoothie Bowl

If it’s hot where you are, then now is definitely the time of year to make a green smoothie for breakfast. It’s sweet and refreshing and completely hides the fact that you’re eating at least two servings of greens before 8 a.m. Winning! I don’t know what I was thinking posting a recipe earlier this… [Continue Reading]

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