Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pudding with Vanilla Almond Yogurt

Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pudding with Vanilla Almond Topping

I cheated and already made and ate a pumpkin dessert! I couldn’t help it, though, after I saw about a million pumpkin pies in peoples’ baskets the other day at the store. Being a gluten- and dairy-free lady, I wasn’t tempted to buy one, but you better believe I had a hankering from some pumpkin… [Continue Reading]

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Dairy-free Cream of Tomato Soup made in less than 5 minutes for a healthy, delicious meal.

Dairy-Free Cream of Tomato Soup

Now’s the time of year when things get crazy, but healthy meals still must get made. That’s why I’m sharing a Dairy-Free Cream of Tomato Soup today that literally takes all of five minutes from start to finish, thanks to the love of my life my favorite kitchen appliance, the Blendtec: Speaking of crazy-time though,… [Continue Reading]

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Breaking Vegan book

Positively Healthy: Jordan Younger

It’s been far too long since I featured someone from the blogosphere who inspires me with healthy, balanced living and an overall positive, loving presence. Jordan Younger from The Balanced Blonde blog-empire fits the bill perfectly! And, of course, the timing is not inconsequential as Jordan just published her first book, called Breaking Vegan: One Woman’s… [Continue Reading]

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WIAW beach collage

What a Plant-Strong, Paleo-ish Diet Looks Like

There’s no question that fall is the most beautiful time of year in California, even though we went from 80 degree weather to near freezing mornings just like that. The colder weather has led me to test out eating oatmeal again (oats aren’t technically paleo because they’re a grain, but I’m more paleo-ish than strict… [Continue Reading]

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pumpkin granola in jars

Pumpkin Grain-free Granola

We’re dangerously close to over-dosing on pumpkin here, but that’s not stopping me from sharing this Pumpkin Grain-free Granola recipe with you today: It all started when I got my annual 10-pound raw almond shipment from Briden Wilson Farm (no affiliation, I just love this family farm and I trust that their almonds are raw and unpasteurized): My… [Continue Reading]

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Here's a virtual shopping trip for some healthy holiday ingredientsKale & Sweet Potato Bake from Carrie on Living | www.carrieonliving.com

Kale & Sweet Potato Bake

If you’re starting to plan side dishes for the holidays, may I suggest one of the easiest (and most delicious!) dishes I’ve made so far? This Kale & Sweet Potato Bake has three real ingredients: kale, sweet potato, and onion. Salt, pepper, and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon and thyme are optional. To start, just… [Continue Reading]

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Date-Sweetened Pumpkin Custard from Carrie on Living | www.carrieonliving.com

Paleo Holiday Cookbook Review + Giveaway

I love this time of year when it’s okay to just start flirting with holiday recipes, but not close enough to the season to stress about any of the other stuff. In other words, I’m currently living in a pumpkin-spiced bubble! 🎃 I’m also thrilled to be getting a head start on the gift-giving, today… [Continue Reading]

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WIAW What I Ate Wednesdays from Carrie on Living | www.carrieonliving.com

Los Angeles Photo Food Journal

Wednesday calls for another round of “WIAW” — What I Ate Wednesdays! My clean-eating food journal comes from my quick trip to Los Angeles the weekend before last for the Bulletproof Conference. Breakfast was made at home; a green smoothie with homemade broccoli sprouts (I use a Blendtec Stealth model…read my full review and why I think it’s… [Continue Reading]

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