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Pumpkin Seed Butter Dressing

Food featured on the blog Carrie on Living |

I know I promised you a gluten-free muffin recipe to kick off the fall season, but I hope the Pumpkin Seed Butter Dressing I’m including below helps mark this transition into pumpkin-flavored everything, at least until I get my baking hat back on. I’m also doing another round of What I Ate Wednesdays today, starting… [Continue Reading]

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PCOS Focus & Coco-Hemp Fruit Salad Recipe

Coco-Hemp Fruit Salad from Carrie on Living |

Hello friends! I’m getting ready to head out of town, but wanted to share a simple and healthy recipe that I’ve been loving lately. You see, I’m going through some big changes with my diet right now, funneling all of my research skills into figuring out how to address the symptoms of PCOS that have… [Continue Reading]

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Heat-Free Lentil & Walnut Tacos

Lentil Walnut Tacos from Choosing Raw cookbook

Hi there! This post is a follow-up to my review and giveaway for Gena Hamshaw’s cookbook, Choosing Raw. As part of the giveaway, I asked which recipe you wanted to see the most out of four options I presented, and the Heat-Free Lentil & Walnut Tacos were the clear winner (I can certainly see why, they… [Continue Reading]

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Healthy Vegas Vegan: Why I’m Happier Over My Goal Weight

I’m thrilled to publish this guest post from a fellow blogger who has had body image issues, but who has emerged stronger and wiser because of them. I really identify with the reasons that Adria gives in this post about why she is happier being over her “goal” weight. When I e-mailed Adria to let… [Continue Reading]

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Garbanzo Bean Salad with Mustard Dressing

Garbanzo Bean Salad from Carrie on Vegan |

We’re having a taste of summer here in California! I’m certainly not complaining, the warm weather has lifted my spirits and satisfied my urge for change (well…almost…more on that below). Cold meals have suddenly become a lot more appetizing with this hot(ter) weather. This incredibly simple salad was inspired by the bowl of avocados that… [Continue Reading]

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What I Ate Wednesday & Strawberry Champagne Dressing

Carrie at the Getty Museum

Today’s photo food journal is part of “What I Ate Wednesdays” and shows a day’s worth of my healthy, whole food eats. Yesterday’s breakfast was a green smoothie with some special fruits from the farmers’ market including Concord grapes and pear. I like how the Vitamix pulverizes the grape seeds so I get the nutritional… [Continue Reading]

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