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Slow-Cooker Winter Breakfast Stew

Winter Breakfast Stew made in the slow-cooker from Carrie on Vegan |

Baby, it’s cold outside! Cold weather means no more green smoothies for awhile, at least not in the mornings. I was inspired recently by some of the cooked breakfast recipes in Dr. Fuhrman’s new Eat to Live Cookbook (read my review of the book here) to try making a breakfast stew instead. I had a bag of… [Continue Reading]

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Recipe: Pumpkin Breakfast Brownies

Pumpkin Breakfast Brownies with non-dairy yogurt

The big day is almost here…Thanksgiving! I’ve tried to offer some healthy ideas for your vegan table this year, whether you be a host with the most or a guest just needing to bring a dish or two. I mentioned before that I’m taking it low-key this year and just cooking for my husband and… [Continue Reading]

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Healthy in a Hurry


Thank you for all of your really nice comments on my blogging anniversary earlier this week, they meant so much to me. I do hope for many, many more years of blogging and all of the challenges that come with it. In fact, I’ve been thinking a bit about the nature of my recipes here, and I’m… [Continue Reading]

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Salad Inspirations


If you’re like me, then you love eating salads, but sometimes get sick of eating the same combination. That is exactly why it’s important to change up your salad fixins’! Dr. Fuhrman’s motto is “the salad is the main course” and I heartily agree, although I have to admit that I usually top out at… [Continue Reading]

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Nearly Raw Layered Veggie Bowl


Green salads are a great, healthy lunch option, but I find that they don’t pack that well and you can’t really make them ahead of time. Soggy lettuce for lunch? No thanks! I somehow got the inspiration to make a layered vegetable salad the other day when I had to pack my lunch for the… [Continue Reading]

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My New Spiralizer!


As part of my venture into raw foods, I’ve been wanting to get a spiralizer, mainly to make spaghetti using zucchini. I bought this Joyce Chen one recently from Amazon, it was less than $20: This plastic contraption is not exactly heavy-duty, but it got the job done and was pretty easy to clean. I’d… [Continue Reading]

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