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Romaine Green Juice

Romaine & Veggie Juice from Carrie on Living |

With the summer produce in full-growth mode, I wanted to share a refreshing green juice recipe that I’ve been making over the past several weeks. We’ve had some exceptionally humid weather on California’s Central Coast, too, so a light juice really hits the spot after a work-out or any time spent outdoors: I like to… [Continue Reading]

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Green Dream Broccoli Soup Recipe

Green Dream Broccoli Soup from Carrie on Living |

It’s a short week on account of the holiday, so here’s a quick blended soup recipe that is super easy to make, especially if you have any cooked sweet potatoes on hand. I prepped and steamed about four cups of broccoli for this recipe, and that was the only real time-consuming part: My trusty Blendtec… [Continue Reading]

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Turmeric Bison & Collards

Turmeric Bison & Collard Greens from Carrie on Living |

I’ve mentioned a few times the incorporation of bison meat into my diet since moving away from a plant-based approach last May. Besides doing the research (see my recommended reading list here) and feeling convinced that adding meat back into my diet was positive for my health overall, I’ve made it a priority to find sources… [Continue Reading]

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Turmeric Roasted Sprouts

Turmeric Roasted Sprouts from Carrie on Living |

Today is December 29th which means: 1. we all (hopefully) survived the holidays, although some events may require therapy (that’s a joke…kind of) and 2. we’re close enough to New Year’s Day that while it may be tempting to think about Resolutions that may involve cutting back on rich food, I’m moving very slowly in that… [Continue Reading]

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