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Maple Baked Tofu

Maple Baked Tofu recipe from Carrie on Living |

I first posted this picture of my Maple Baked Tofu on my Instagram account and got a huge response from followers saying how good it looked; I’m super excited to share the recipe with you today. It’s funny how easy it is to bake tofu and yet I’ve never posted a recipe for it before. To be… [Continue Reading]

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Foods for Busy & Stressful Days


Good morning! I hope you had a nice end to your week. The 4th of July holiday occurring on Wednesday this year threw me off for a bit, but I’m happy it’s the weekend now. Remember the sweet potatoes I roasted for my yet-to-be determined salad for the 4th of July party? I ended up… [Continue Reading]

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Tom Kha Stew & Lazy Days


I haven’t been to a Thai restaurant in years, but one of my favorite dishes used to be the Tom Kha Soup. Sweet coconut milk balanced with lime juice with lots of vegetables? Yes, please! I hadn’t even thought about this soup for a long time until I saw it featured on the beautiful blog,… [Continue Reading]

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Ultimate Tofu Burger & Raw Food Stuff


I’ve been trying to make a really good tofu burger for awhile now. The closest recipe I had in the past was aptly called the Near-Perfect Tofu Burger. I think we vegans deserve better than that, don’t you agree? That’s why I’m calling this recipe the Ultimate Tofu Burger! The trick is to buy a… [Continue Reading]

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Avocado Chocolate Pudding


Last week I wrote about a new version of avocado pudding that I had made using frozen blueberries. I tried it again yesterday and measured out the ingredients so I could put a recipe for you guys. Dang, this is good! I have to restrain myself from making this pudding everyday, it is admittedly fairly rich… [Continue Reading]

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