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Beet-y Veggie Burgers


Alan and I were in San Francisco last December and ate for the first time at a restaurant called The Plant Cafe. It was really good and Alan has been talking about their house-made veggie burgers since. I remember taking this shot of my lunch and thinking that the burgers was made with beets: I… [Continue Reading]

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Why My Pressure Cooker Scares Me (& How I’m Getting Over It)


When I wrote about cooking beans from scratch a few weeks ago, I got some helpful input from readers that cooking beans in a pressure cooker might be more efficient than cooking them on the stove top. Additionally, I have read numerous posts from JL about her experiences using this appliance to make easy, delicious-sounding… [Continue Reading]

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Fast Food Greens & Beans


I’ve been feeling a little “off” this week. I can’t pinpoint it exactly, at first I thought I was fighting a cold. Then, I blamed sleep disruption and then, finally, hormones. Whatever the reason, I am not used to not feeling my absolute best. Ever since I cleaned up my act roughly 15 months ago… [Continue Reading]

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