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Garbanzo Bean Salad with Mustard Dressing

Garbanzo Bean Salad from Carrie on Vegan |

We’re having a taste of summer here in California! I’m certainly not complaining, the warm weather has lifted my spirits and satisfied my urge for change (well…almost…more on that below). Cold meals have suddenly become a lot more appetizing with this hot(ter) weather. This incredibly simple salad was inspired by the bowl of avocados that… [Continue Reading]

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Quinoa Kale Saute

Quinoa Kale Saute from Carrie on Vegan |

Do you ever revel in the fact that healthy, plant-based food can be so simple yet completely nourishing and satisfying? I went to a friends’ home this weekend for a potluck lunch. It was just two couples and our meal consisted of a brown rice and lentil salad made by me, a green salad, green… [Continue Reading]

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Cranberry Relish Salad Dressing & Weekend Adventures

Bag o' frozen cranberries.

Hi there and happy Monday! Today marks the re-entry back into the workplace and back to the regular routine for many. My classes are still on winter break, but I’ve started working on my independent study project already. Even though I consider myself fairly disciplined, it’s definitely a challenge for me to stay focused because… [Continue Reading]

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