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Photo Food Journal & Black Bean Tempeh Burgers

Tempeh burger with salad and sweet potato

Is it just me or does it feel like we’ve fast-forwarded into fall and the busy-ness of the upcoming holiday season already? I’ve been doing some serious multi-tasking lately, but it’s all good stuff including filling out my master’s degree eligibility form so I get my degree in February, 2014, getting ready to go to… [Continue Reading]

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BBQ Baked Beans

Hi there and happy Friday to you! After a super rough couple of days in terms of my energy levels, I woke up this morning feeling much better (yay!). I think this change is partly due to me taking a break from cacao in my morning smoothies and as a hot beverage. I am one… [Continue Reading]

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My Pressure Cooker & Ginger Carrot Soup

It’s vacation time!!! I could not be happier to have a few weeks off from school; after all, this semester kinda kicked my butt. Alan and I made the long drive out to Palm Springs yesterday. It was uneventful except for Xena got carsick and, once we arrived, we found that our water heater, oven… [Continue Reading]

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Slow Cooker Cauliflower Indian Stew

Slow Cooker Cauliflower Indian Stew

After The Battle of the Pressure Cooker last week, I decided to go back to basics with my trusty slow cooker. Where the pressure cooker might be called temperamental, the slow cooker is dependable and flexible. There are no “min” and “max” lines other than the top of the pot, and you can add water,… [Continue Reading]

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Beet-y Veggie Burgers

Alan and I were in San Francisco last December and ate for the first time at a restaurant called The Plant Cafe. It was really good and Alan has been talking about their house-made veggie burgers since. I remember taking this shot of my lunch and thinking that the burgers was made with beets: I… [Continue Reading]

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Savory Falafel Salad Dressing

Yesterday, I asked on Twitter (follow me here) which recipe you guys would like to read about first: falafel dressing or microwave apple crumble? The responses seemed about even between the two, but the crumble recipe needs one more test before posting. So, here is my Savory Falafel Salad Dressing recipe! This recipe is a… [Continue Reading]

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