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Cancer-Fighting Sweet Watercress Smoothie

Sweet Watercress Smoothie from Carrie on Living |

Good morning! I’m so happy to slow down on all of this talk on cancer and surgery and get back to more food talk. I do very much appreciate your notes on my recovery from my surgery; I am doing a lot better. Last night I got my first full night of sleep in over… [Continue Reading]

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Spinach & Black Bean Brownies


Happy Friday to you! Is it just me, or did this week fly by? Here we are already with another round of Healthy Vegan Friday recipes. I was partially giggling to myself when I wrote the title of the recipe I’ll be sharing today: Spinach & Black Bean Brownies. Sounds nasty and such a stereotypical… [Continue Reading]

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Blogging Anniversary & Black Bean Brownies


Today is my 3rd year blogging anniversary! You can read my first 3 blog posts here, they are pretty funny. What began as a curious hobby has now grown into one of the most rewarding, challenging and inspiring parts of my life. I still have so many things I want to accomplish with this blog,… [Continue Reading]

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Sweet Cherry Dairy-Free Ice Cream Recipe

Sweet Cherry Dairy-Free Ice Cream from Carrie on Living |

Have you ever seen such sweet cheeks? I am loving spending time with this little one this weekend: To celebrate Memorial Day weekend, I decided to bust out my ice cream maker (got it as a bridal shower gift 9 years ago) and make some vegan ice cream. There are many substitutes for dairy when… [Continue Reading]

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Avocado Chocolate Pudding


Last week I wrote about a new version of avocado pudding that I had made using frozen blueberries. I tried it again yesterday and measured out the ingredients so I could put a recipe for you guys. Dang, this is good! I have to restrain myself from making this pudding everyday, it is admittedly fairly rich… [Continue Reading]

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Chocolate Buckwheat Brittle

Chocolate Buckwheat Brittle

This recipe I’m absolutely loving from the raw food world is what I’m calling Chocolate Buckwheat Brittle. It is crunchy, light and sweet and it tastes like brittle or toffee to me. I experimented using just dates and a combination of dates and stevia, so I will post both versions and let you decide which… [Continue Reading]

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