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Healthy Bean Recipes

Chocolate Dessert Hummus from Carrie on Vegan |

Hi there! I’ve been working on recipes for my healthy cooking demonstration at Whole Foods Market in Los Angeles next week and thought I’d share the updated links. Since everyone is trying to get healthy in January and eat more vegetables, I like this Lemony Bean Salad Dressing. It’s great for “bean haters” because the lemon adds a… [Continue Reading]

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Days Off & Pea Shoot Soup


I hope everyone is having a great weekend! You would think that since I have these two weeks off from classes that I would be whipping up all kinds of wonderful things in the kitchen, but I found myself these past several days getting out of my normal routine. I had a pile of miscellaneous… [Continue Reading]

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Beans Can Fight Cancer!


Remember when I wrote a post about how to cook beans? That post is here. I also talked about how beans are so great for weight control because they contain protein and fiber plus another compound called resistant starch that helps us feel full and not absorb all of the calories in the beans. The… [Continue Reading]

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