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St. Paddy’s Day Banana Soft Serve

Green-Colored Banana Soft-Serve from Carrie on Vegan |

I’m so bad at planning ahead for holiday-themed recipes, so it was a nice surprise when I was making a banana soft-serve yesterday that turned green…just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve made many a banana soft-serve in the past (see my Peanut Butter version here), but this was my first green-hued variety, thanks… [Continue Reading]

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Sugar-Free Cranberry-Oat Cookies

Cranberry Oat Cookies from Carrie on Vegan |

They weren’t kidding about that winter storm that blew through California this weekend! Check out what I encountered on my way home from San Diego yesterday: What’s that white stuff? OMG, it’s SNOW!!! Can one wear flip-flops in the snow? Oh wait, it’s 29 degrees, I think not. Fortunately, once I was over the mountain… [Continue Reading]

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Dandelion Green Smoothie


On my way home from the desert on Sunday, I stopped at one of my favorite farm stands, the Classic Organic. If you are ever driving on the 101 near Buellton, CA (north of Santa Barbara), then I highly suggest stopping here for some fresh produce: Not only is everything organic, but the farmer also… [Continue Reading]

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Vegan Egg Nog Smoothie

Vegan Egg Nog Smoothie from Carrie on Vegan

I love Twitter (follow me here!) and all forms of social media. Just the other day, I tweeted a question about how one would make vegan egg nog from scratch. A mere ten minutes later, I had tweets back with links to several different recipes. Awesome! One that peaked my interest was from The Happy… [Continue Reading]

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