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Raw Chocolate Chip Brownies (Grain-free, Paleo, Vegan)

Raw Chocolate Chips Brownies (grain-free, paleo, vegan) from Carrie on Living |

I’m back with another raw brownie recipe, and this one has some awesome new ingredients, including 100% cacao chocolate chips that are currently rocking my world. I’ve posted a few brownie recipes in the past, but this is the most recent evolution that is grain-free, paleo, and vegan. The ingredients are still simple, with a base of… [Continue Reading]

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Spirulina Dairy-Free Banana Soft Serve

Spirulina Chocolate Banana Soft-Serve (Dairy-Free) from Carrie on Living |

Here’s a green colored, dairy-free soft-serve, but hear me out on this one: I’ve made many a banana soft-serve in the past (see my Peanut Butter version here), but this was my first green-hued variety, thanks to the green stevia and spirulina powder I added. As far as the stevia powder goes, I am actually quite… [Continue Reading]

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Recipe: Pumpkin Breakfast Brownies

Pumpkin Breakfast Brownies with non-dairy yogurt

The big day is almost here…Thanksgiving! I’ve tried to offer some healthy ideas for your vegan table this year, whether you be a host with the most or a guest just needing to bring a dish or two. I mentioned before that I’m taking it low-key this year and just cooking for my husband and… [Continue Reading]

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Cancer-Fighting Sweet Watercress Smoothie

Sweet Watercress Smoothie from Carrie on Living |

Good morning! I’m so happy to slow down on all of this talk on cancer and surgery and get back to more food talk. I do very much appreciate your notes on my recovery from my surgery; I am doing a lot better. Last night I got my first full night of sleep in over… [Continue Reading]

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