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Fatigue & the Ex-Vegan Phenomenon

Fatigue & The Vegan Diet: Thoughts on How to Stay Healthy from Carrie on Vegan |

Fellow bloggers Sayward and Matt did a talk recently about the Ex-Vegan Phenomenon, exploring some of the health reasons why up to 75% of vegans and vegetarians end up going back to eating animal products within five years. I watched it online and found the discussion absolutely fascinating, especially in light of some of my health… [Continue Reading]

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My Healthy, Vegan Strides


Happy hump day! Thank you so much for everyone’s very supportive blog comments, e-mails, Tweets and Facebook notes in regards to my post on Monday about being diagnosed with PCOS. I (obviously) realize that by publishing a personal story like that I will get feedback, but sometimes it just feels like writing in a journal… [Continue Reading]

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