Hey, I thought you were vegan? I followed a fairly strict vegan lifestyle for 3 1/2 years, but experienced health issues that led me to start incorporating animal products back into my diet.

So, what do you eat now? Although I still eat many vegan, plant-based, and nutritarian meals, I routinely consume grass-fed, wild, or locally-sourced animal products. As of November, 2014, I’m also dairy-free.

What happened to your recipe app? When I stopped being vegan, I decided to stop selling my recipe app, Vegan Delish. However, if you own a copy, you can access it through early 2015.

Do you still have an eating disorder? I started working with a professional therapist in April of 2014 and feel that my tendency to restrict, overeat, or overexercise is pretty much gone. That said, I continue to work on mindfulness and stress management skills.

Help! I was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer; what should I do? Don’t panic. Take deep breaths. E-mail me directly and I will offer you as much support as I can. I highly recommend the book, Thyroid Cancer: A Guide for Patients.

Got a question not listed here? Send me an e-mail at carrieATcarrieonlivingDOTcom and I’ll do my best to give you an answer! Please note that I cannot give specific health or nutrition advice.