Almost Spring Seasonal Eats

I almost titled this post “Bunny Food,” because that’s what this picture from the farmers’ market brings to mind:

Farmers market veggies

I’m sharing a day’s worth of food for another “What I Ate Wednesday” today. I’m also highlighting recent photos from around town, since I got a good response from last week’s beach-y pics.

Spring is certainly a beautiful time of year here on California’s Central Coast, but made even more enticing with all of the seasonal produce coming online:

Colored cauliflower

Plus, wildflowers!!!

Cambria wildflowers

Tame flowers (as opposed to wild? Sorry, bad joke):


My yoga studio is even getting in on the action with some planter boxes out front. Hungry? Take a nibble before class:

Yoga studio urban garden

Wait, but first, breakfast smoothie time. This one had the usual suspects: hemp seeds, filtered water, frozen organic strawberries and blueberries, steamed kale, protein powdercocoa powder, cinnamon, and sprouted flax. Newbie ingredients were frozen apricots and a farm-fresh egg yolk after reading this super interesting article from Dr. Mercola:

Green smoothie with egg yolk

Lunch was eaten at a restaurant in Cambria on a belated Valentine’s date with my love (he was sick on the real day, boo!); I had gluten-free Pad Thai with shrimp and a green tea with lemon:

Robins pad thai

We took a post-lunch walk to take in the beautiful spring weather (summers here can be foggy and COLD, so we’re topping off our vitamin D levels now, ha):


Almost got wet taking this pic on Moonstone Beach:

Moonstone Beach

I made us a big salad for dinner; shot the prep but not the final dish, sorry! Ingredients included salad mix, fresh chopped veggies, our first strawberries of the season, leftover roasted butternut squash, and my new obsession: raw cultured shredded green veggies from a company called Healing Movement (I call it Healing Bowel Movement; I’m truly sorry for my bad jokes, but this is how my brain works!!!):

Salad toppings

Unpictured: dessert with homemade gluten-free oatmeal cookies…LMK if you want the recipe. Also, I made a tahini dressing for the salad that I’m sharing Friday in a super special post I can’t wait for you to read. Stay tuned and have a great rest of your week!

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    BUNNY Food! I LOVE IT! And those flowers… They are a good reminder to me to stop and smell the roses, stop and look at all God has made, and know that He is in control, especially because I’m struggling with peace today. <3

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