Summer in Winter Eats

Shell Beach

It’s most definitely feeling like summer in winter this week, with 80+ degree weather here along California’s Central Coast:

Pirates Cove

Between the call of the outdoors and getting ready for a weekend blogger event in LA, I haven’t been able to get my act together to post a new recipe this week. But, I promise I have several coming up, right now they are just in various stages of testing and photographing (you can always see more of my day-to-day food adventures and recipes on my Facebook page or Instagram account, too!)

Anyway, today’s post is one of those food journal compilations that I always like posting…and I hope you like reading. 🙂

Just like last week, I’m making daily green breakfast smoothies and I’m so loving frozen sweet cherries for the main fruit portion:

Cherry smoothie

This isn’t as pretty a picture, but I usually add some superfoods mid-blend when making my smoothie (sprouted flax, grass-fed gelatin, organic, fair-trade non-alkalized cocoa powder, and organic spirulina in this guy):

Smoothie add-ins

Lunch was out with my man; I had a prawn paella with rice, eaten at a local restaurant that has dairy- and gluten-free options clearly printed on the menu (yay):

Prawn Paella

We met up with friends for dessert at the local vegan joint. Just like a typical food blogger, I forgot to take a picture with my actual friends, but did take a picture of the vegan cheezecakes, ha. The lemon was for me, the chocolate was for him:

Vegan cheezecakes

Dinner was on the light side since neither one of us was incredibly hungry; I made salads with roasted squash and other goodies with a shared gluten-free muffin on the side:

Dinner salad

I hope you’re staying warm wherever you are. Have a great rest of your week!

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    I bought frozen cherries for the first time this week and my mind was blown! They are so good! I just munch on them straight from the freezer for a snack. Then again we are having a heat wave here in Western Australia so I need all the cooling foods I can get!

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