5 Ways to Deal With Change

I noted to myself that at the end of June, already three weeks ago, we hit the halfway mark for 2014. Can you believe it? I thought about doing an update on my New Year’s Resolutions, but decided what I really want to talk about is change.

This year has brought more change as usual: my niece was born, I graduated from my masters’ degree program and declared myself a professional blogger, my elderly grandmother passed, I said good-bye to my 18-year old cat, I dealt with some serious health issues including seeking professional help for the recurrence of an eating disorder, I changed my diet, I did my first cooking demo, I closed one part of my business and re-launched the other, I spoke at my first conference, and, now, I’m moving(!).

In the midst of all these changes, here are some thoughts I keep in mind to manage it all:

Healthy Ways to Deal With Change from Carrie on Living | www.carrieonliving.com

1. Be Kind to Yourself. In times of change or stress, it’s okay to indulge in activities that soothe and comfort. From eating chocolate to taking a nap to watching marathon episodes of Ray Donovan (my new favorite tv series!), it’s all good and there is no judgment. Now is not the time to add more stress by restricting these types of activities, unless they cross the line of being out of balance or they cause anyone else harm.

2. Find Safety Inside. One of my New Year’s Resolutions that now comes naturally to me is to find quiet space for myself for at least a few minutes a day. These moments of reflection can come when I first wake up in the morning, when I’m chopping vegetables, going for a walk, or on the yoga mat, but I need that time to myself to stay centered and calm.

3. Expect Resistance. If change is self-directed versus coming from the outside, then others may be alarmed and even angry by what you are doing. Again, change brings stress so be gentle with those around you when you change your direction.

4. Welcome Growth. There was a lot of change in my home life during my childhood and adolescence, so my initial reaction to unplanned change is panic. Now that I’m older with better coping skills, I recognize that change is necessary for growth, as painful as it still can be.

5. Embrace Gratitude. Celebrate exquisite existence and the love, beauty, and preciousness of each moment of each day. We’re alive…let’s celebrate all that life has to offer!

So, yeah, I’m moving! In case you didn’t know, Alan and I have been living together between two locations in California for the past six years, and we have made the tough choice to sell two homes and move into a new, smaller one. This change comes partly as a result of de-cluttering and partly just with life circumstances. Overall, it is good for us and we are excited, even if it means sorting through not one, but two homes full of stuff and being ruthless with what we bring with us. <—I’ll show you pictures of my new digs soon, I promise.

For the change that I am undergoing and what lies ahead of me, I’m planning on using the tips I described. And, if all else fails, I’ll take a note from my cat and just find a comfortable spot, sit myself down, quietly observe my surroundings, and just rest:

Healthy Ways to Deal With Change from Carrie on Living | www.carrieonliving.com

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  1. Amber says

    Wishing you the best on luck on your move! It’s stressful now, but just think of how rewarding it will feel when you’re all settled in without the burdens of all that extra clutter! 🙂

    • says

      Thanks, Amber!!! I’m even trying to enjoy the journey, as crazy as it feels right now. But, I am very much looking forward to being settled into our new home with everything put away (I’m usually really organized so living out of boxes is starting to get old)! 🙂

  2. says

    Moving is a great way to declutter. I moved to my townhouse in late 2012 and last year had a large garage sale to get rid of the clutter I no longer needed. I’m living much simpler now, even my weekly cleaning goes by fast because I don’t have all that stuff anymore. I feel much more relaxed. Good luck to you on your move.

    • says

      I am already looking forward to having a smaller home to keep clean, Judy! Happy to hear that your move went well and it sounds like you are enjoying your new space. Xo!

  3. Earlene says

    I found your website today after looking at Dr. Fuhrman’s new diet book. So after reading I think June 24th blog, would you still recommend his new book?? Good luck moving, we shutter at the thought of moving after being in this house for 36 yrs. YICKS!!!!!!!!!

    • says

      Hi Earlene! Thanks for the note. Yes, absolutely, I highly recommend Dr. Fuhrman’s books and teachings. He discusses in the book that some people benefit from eating a small amount of animal products.

  4. says

    This post is perfect right now – just what I needed as I also am moving (in less than 2 weeks!!).

    “In times of change or stress, it’s okay to indulge in activities that soothe and comfort.”
    This is such a great reminder. I sometimes get caught up in the “just get it done” mentality instead of taking time and doing things that will help me de-stress. Like eating vast quantities of chocolate ;p

    I am so looking forward to seeing pics of your new place. Good luck with the move, it sounds like you are in the right head space to be doing it and motivating and inspiring me to be as well =)
    So far I am doing everything you’ve listed and feeling good about the move.

    • says

      I’m so glad you liked this post, Kimmy, and that it came at the right time for you. It’s funny that we are both moving around the same time; we’re soul sisters again! 🙂

  5. Latoya says

    Congrats on your new home!

    Change is inevitable and it’s all about perspective in how we deal with it.

    Thanks for this!


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