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Hi!!! I hope you had are having a wonderful holiday weekend! I’m still here, even though my blog has been quiet for a few days. The new site should launch this Wednesday(!!!) so I’m writing, copy-editing, and testing to make sure everything goes smoothly. I. Can’t Wait. for you to see it. 🙂

In the meantime, some snapshots from my Instagram account. Even though I’m spending lots of time on the computer, I’m also trying to squeeze as much out of the summer, plus juggling some other important life activities that I’ll share coming up in the future.

This may very well be my last post written under the “Carrie on Vegan” blog name. No regrets…it’s upward and onward!

I didn’t tell you, I snuck away for a yoga retreat in Santa Barbara with Yoga by Candace (that’s me on the left, Candace is on the right):

I could get used to this:

Adorable-ness on the yoga mat, a.k.a. Candace’s husky:

The day I got back from the retreat, this happened…again:

When life gets overwhelming, all I have to do is look at this one:

The stars of the summer produce have got to be the apricots:

…Although the peaches are pretty spectacular, too. I always buy too many and then have to put them into my green smoothies just to use them up:

Another farmers’ market find…someone left me a comment that this variety increases memory…#ineedthat:

When the fog clears at the beach, it’s time to shut down the computer and GET OUTSIDE:

Despite the challenges and unsettledness of the changes going on , I’m feeling all kinds of joy, love, and gratitude for my life:

Thank you for all of the support these past several weeks. I truly appreciate it.

See ‘ya on the flip side!

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  1. Kate Duchesne-Bunting says

    The end of an era… And the start of a new one, which should be just as fun, if not more, now that you are more at peace with who you are. Can’t wait either! Have a lovely day!

  2. says

    Hi Carrie, great pics! I’m a bit jealous of the yoga retreat 🙂
    I’ve been reading along with your last several posts (and keep trying to comment but get baby-distracted). I just wanted to say I think it’s amazing that you are feeling good and have found a way to eat that is working for you! It’s such a personal journey, and I know it took guts for you to “come out” about your dietary changes. I look forward to following you on your new blog!

    • says

      Lisa, hi and CONGRATS on the baby…I’m so excited for you. I appreciate the words of support on the change, too. I know you can appreciate what a big deal this has been, but finding my way to feel healthy and vibrant again has been worth all of the heartache. We have to find a way to get together one of these days, but, until then, I’ll be following along on your journey as well. Xoxo!!!

  3. Rosa says

    I am wondering if I will still be seeing you or do I need to switch over on something. Congrats in your new journey.

    • says

      Hi Rosa! Thanks for asking and I’m sorry I wasn’t clearer on that point. As far as I know, you shouldn’t have to do anything to keep receiving my posts. If you aren’t subscribed and you like to just check on my site, then you’ll be forwarded there automatically. So, should be easy for you to keep following along. Thanks!!! 🙂

  4. says

    Carrie, I just want to tell you that you are beautiful, courageous and inspiring. I pray that you feel no regrets as you welcome new changes ahead. It is all upward from here on out – repeat that to yourself everyday! You inspire me to listen to my own body and intuition and to stand firm even though haters beckon. I will always be a loyal reader to your blog, whatever it is called, and whatever you wish to fill it’s pages with 🙂

    • says

      Wow, thank you Maria!!! I am so inspired and uplifted by your words. Honestly, it’s comments like yours that keep me going and I feel so grateful to have your support.

  5. says

    Love this picture post!!! And your new blog is beautiful Carrie – I love it! I can see your spunky personality in it.
    Sorry I missed the launch – I have been on vacation and am now just trying to catch up on things.
    Sounds like you are enjoying your summer =)


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