New Year’s Resolutions Spring Update

New Year's Resolutions Spring Update |

As we hurtle toward the first of April, I thought it might be interesting to re-visit my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions and see how things are going? I tend to think in seasons, but my businessman husband is always talking about “quarter this” and “quarter that,” so let’s call this my Spring Quarter 1 Update.

  1. Meditate at least several minutes per day. Spring update: I’m finding I tend meditate for longer periods, maybe 10-15 minutes, several times a week. I count savasana, or corpse pose, at the end of yoga toward this goal, because that tends to be my most focused time for relaxing and letting go of my thoughts.
  2. Practice yoga in a formal setting once a week, preferably twice or even more frequently. Spring update: I’m rocking this goal. I think I’ve averaged 3 formal classes a week since the start of the year. My body, mind, and spirit thank me for it. 🙂
  3. Take at least several days (maybe even consecutively?) away from the computer/iPhone/e-mail this year. Spring update: Hmmm, this is a tough one, especially because I love my work and my social network is heavily online. I still see the benefit of taking at least full days away from technology every once in awhile. I have made an effort to not use my phone or computer in the evenings, generally after about 8 p.m. I will be traveling for 10 days in May and that will likely be the time when I’ll take some consecutive days away.
  4. Figure out how to make this professional blogger thing work financially. Spring update: I am far from figuring this one out. I have had some invitations to do projects with compensation in trade (i.e. products, promotion, etc.), but so far I haven’t discovered any clear-cut answers to how to generate a decent income stream from writing a blog. I have a feeling that this is a goal that is going to take continued tenacity, ingenuity, and maybe some luck.
  5. On that note, write an ebook or something sellable in addition to my appSpring update: taking on an additional project had to be shelved for the time being, especially when I experienced overwhelming fatigue earlier this year. The good news is that I’m feeling better (yay!), but I’m taking baby steps toward adding new projects. Most likely, pursuing writing an ebook or regular cookbook will occur toward the end of the year.
  6. Increase the number of recipes on Vegan Delish from 150 to 200. Spring update: Vegan Delish now has 169 recipes and I’ll be adding 5 more this coming week. Sales of the app are decent and I have an amazing list of Featured Contributors who are helping me round out the app with as many healthy, plant-based recipes as possible. I’m happy with my progress so far with this goal.
  7. Improve my speaking and food demo’ing skills (and at least explore the possibility of video). Spring update: I did my food demo at Whole Foods Market in January and it was so. much. fun. It was also a ton of work and made me realize that until I have a cookbook to sell, it’s probably not worth the effort to try doing these on a regular basis. As far as working on my speaking and video skills, I haven’t done much else so far this year, and need to think about doing something (anything!).
  8. Read five books not related to nutrition. Spring update: After my beloved kitty Roxy passed recently, I read the book The Loss of a Pet by Wallace Sife, recommended to me by a friend. It was excellent and I highly recommend it. All of my other reading has continued to be nutrition and/or health-related so far.
  9. Learn more about vegan and human rights issues. Spring update: I’m realizing now this is a pretty broad goal. I did try and watch the movie Blackfish, but it upset me too much. This doesn’t really count, but I watched most of the movie Chasing Ice about global warming. As far as staying up on vegan issues, my number 1 go-to source is the Our Hen House podcast, and now the tv show!
  10. Practice good health and weight maintenance. Spring update: this is another non-specific goal that really warrants its own blog post, especially given some changes that have happened for me this year. However, some updates I’d love to share are that I had my second post-surgery cancer screening earlier this month and it was all clear. Of course I was thrilled to have that outcome, but because I was feeling so crappy, I couldn’t even celebrate that until I started feeling better, which mainly seems to have occurred with an increased dosage of my thyroid replacement hormone and supplemental estrogen. Once I started sleeping better, feeling more positive, and having more energy, then I got a lot more motivated to eat right and exercise more. Funny how connected that all is. I am hopeful that I can find consistency in feeling good now.

Just as a reminder, I’m not a licensed health professional, so the information I present here isn’t meant to be medical advice. As always, feel free to contact me if you have questions about stuff, but the most likely scenario is that I can share something from my experience or point you to a resource, but I won’t be able to answer specific health questions. 

If you made New Year’s Resolutions, how are they going for you? Any accomplishments, updates, or lessons you’d like to share?


  1. says

    Great update and reminders! I am also just beginning to think about how my blog can generate income (or truly, if I even want it to!) Everytime I get frustrated or down about it, I remind myself that I started blogging and writing recipes because it was FUN!!! I don’t ever want it to not be fun!

    • says

      That’s an interesting thought, Lauren, that perhaps the fun might dissipate if my goals changed with my blog. It reminds me that my sister was telling me that I should become a yoga instructor, but my immediate response was that then the fun would go out of it. I think that lesson might also apply here. In that case, I def need to write a book, though, so I can make some $$$. 🙂

  2. says

    You’re doing brilliantly Carrie! I was so pleased to read you got the all clear in the cancer screening.
    I just checked out my 2014 goals as I couldn’t even remember what I’d planned! Though it actually turns out I’m doing pretty decently. I’m still struggling to get as much sleep as I need which is something I need to tackle…

    • says

      Thanks, Emma! It was kind of a weird situation to re-read my goals so carefully that I only wrote three months ago, but in some ways feels like forever ago. It’s neat to know that we’re always changing and growing. Thank you for the kind words on my cancer follow-up; I think I am only comprehending now how significant it was and I’m thrilled. 🙂

  3. Cynthia says

    This is great, Carrie! I love your resolutions. I am sure you will do very well financially in the coming year. I would buy an e-book of yours in a heartbeat. Thank you for the recommendation of the book. I had to put down my baby, Koo Koo Bear yesterday. I am heartsick. Too merge two of your resolutions together, I attended a Bikram Yoga class last night and one this morning. I let the instuctor and some of my classmates know that I might be off-kilter bc of my kitty. Everyone was so nice and supportive and both instructors as well as some of the other people had to put down their pets and shared their stories with me. I felt so much better–almost as good as the yoga made me feel.

    • says

      I am so, so sorry for your loss, Cynthia, but I’m happy you’re getting support through this very hard time. Sending you a big virtual hug!

  4. Robin says


    Great job! I love the idea of quarterly reviews, and I’ve done my own. I have some work to do in the second quarter, especially in the area of overall life enrichment (sort of re-visiting my old language and music skills that have fallen by the wayside), but overall I’m still on track. Good luck!

    • says

      Thanks, Robin! I think having goals fall within certain realms (life enrichment is such a great title!) is something I might do for next year’s resolutions. That’s really great that you’re pursuing some of your old skills. I recently downloaded some piano music and might try knocking out the cobwebs in that part of my brain. 🙂

  5. Venus says

    I understand your husband’s quarterly mentality and I used to work on sales and everything was quarter this, quarter that.. Hehehe
    As far as New Years resolution I only made one and it was to run 4 marathons this year, so far I have run two, in 3 months… The year is still young…

  6. Liz says

    Great update Carrie! I need to do my own soon! (And see if I remember what I planned, hahah!) if you are interested in human rights related to food stuff, Tomatoland is a great book that isn’t THAT difficult to stomach. (Unlike Eating Animals which was great but made me sob) It was easy to read and extremely informative on farmworkers issues!

    • says

      Ohhhhhh, great suggestion, Liz, I’m adding it to my library list right now. I bet I could learn a ton on this issue and it would be so appropriate being that I live amidst the fields. Thank you!

  7. says

    Carrie – you are doing so great with your goals =) I really need to try and get in the practice of meditating and doing yoga. I think this would help me with things.
    I should probably make one of my goals to read more nutrition books. I’ve taken a break and have read some really great fiction books, but have a few nutrition books on my shelf that should be read.
    Are you still looking for contributors to Vegan Delish? I would love to help with that =)


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