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Happy “What I Ate Wednesday” to you! Today’s the day that bloggers share a day’s worth of food in photos and mine is a healthy, vegan version. I started out with a breakfast of Chocolate Pear Smoothie with some dehydrated buckwheat groats for crunch:

Chocolate Pear Smoothie with buckwheat groats

It’s been really warm here in California this week. While usually our mornings along the coast are foggy, yesterday I got to enjoy the view of the trees:

Smoothie and trees in the morning

Lunch included a salad with avocado, hummus, red onion, and asparagus with a simple squeeze of lime for flavor:

Lunch salad with avo and asparagus

Plus a dessert of an apple and some of my Dessert Hummus. I was such the bad food blogger and forgot to take a new picture, but it looked very much like this:

Dessert hummus with apple

I was recently sent a Vega One Starter Kit to sample for a giveaway and added it to my dessert hummus recipe:

Vega One in my Dessert Hummus

The ingredients for my treat include a blend of adzuki beans, carob, tahini, almond butter, currants, raisins, the beans of a vanilla pod, almond milk, and a packet of the Vega One (I used the vanilla-flavored one):

Dessert hummus in the making

I know protein powder supplements aren’t for everyone, but if it’s included in your diet, then I recommend checking this one out:

Vega One Starter Pack giveaway

You get to try the three different flavors in the Starter Kit:

Vega One Starter Pack packets

The kinds people at Vega have offered to send three readers each their own Starter Kit, so please use the link below to enter. You must be at least 18 years of age and have an address in the U.S. or Canada to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Dinner was a bit of a flop because I tried to make my Baked Chickpea Burgers with tofu instead of beans. I’m not sure what went wrong, but they were really mushy instead of being firm. I think there was just too much moisture in this version, so I need to re-work this recipe before sharing:

Tofu burger fail

The flavor of the burgers was still yummy, but they are arguably among the ugliest food I’ve ever made:

Side view of my tofu burger plate

My dinner plate included the burger, lettuce, an heirloom persimmon tomato from the farmers’ market, water-sauteed onions, and a dill pickle also from the market:

Tofu burger and veggies for dinner

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this photo food journal and good luck to everyone who enters the giveaway. See you again tomorrow when I have a new recipe to share that is much prettier to look at than my ugly burgers. 🙂

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  1. says

    I have had my share of recipe flops! My son asked me one day if I ever blog about my fails – I do mention them but haven’t ever posted a recipe of them. It’s good to know I am not the only one who has some flops!

    • says

      Hi Tami! Sometimes I think the flops are more common than not, but I’m less likely to complain if it’s ugly than if it doesn’t taste good. It kills me to have to throw something out. 🙂

  2. lymieeatingcoconut says

    They still look tasty to me! Especially on the bread with the veggies. Very colorful plate. Burgers are funny though, I’ve tried to even just swap the type of bean and had some issues with them.

    • says

      I am learning how difficult burgers can be! This one was my fault, though, I overfilled the processor and then added way too much liquid. But, they still tasted good, they were just more of a glob than a burger. 🙂

  3. says

    Thanks so much for another fabulous giveaway!:) The French Vanilla is my favorite flavor of Vega One!:) I love seeing your smoothies because they remind me so much of my own:) Plus, I’ve gotten some great tips and tricks from you over the last year! Thanks for the inspiration<3

      • says

        Yes I do:) My favorite trick is using frozen cubes of cucumbers like you would bananas. I don’t tolerate fruit at all due to IBS:( so this is my trick for making great thick and frosty smoothies without the fruit. Cucumbers are also great for my skin and digestion, and I include them in all my smoothies ( organic of course:). I love pears. They were my grandma’s favorite, so they always make me think of her. Unfortunately, my stomach HATES them, but it’s okay:) I also like using frozen cubes of pumpkin too in the fall!

  4. Linda5sons says

    RE your burger flops, if you toss the leftovers on your dehydrator for a few hours they’ll crust over really well. What I would be tempted to do, though, would be to crumble them on the dehydrator trays, then add the crusty ‘chopped’ bits to pasta sauce. My boys would love that! Any ugly burger at my house either becomes a mashed filling for lettuce roll-ups, or either mixed with our deluged by pasta sauce or salsa, etc.

  5. Nezumi says

    I love Vega products. I kind of use them all. The Vega One powder must be pretty good in your (already) delicious dessert hummus. Don’t they have an unflavored powder? I wonder how it would fare in a savory bean dip.
    Also, I love your WIAW posts. I guess I like food voyeurism.
    I’m battling a cold and your simple salad recipe really inspired me to make myself one. I can feel the veggie power 🙂

    • says

      Hey Nezumi! Yes, Vega One also has an unflavored one and I love your idea to add it to a savory hummus or bean dish. I’ve been doing more intense weight-training sessions lately and I’m liking the extra protein boost. I hope you recover quickly from your cold!


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