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I spent this past weekend in Seattle visiting my sister and friends and thought it might be fun to show you what a day on the road looks like for me. Specifically, I’m sharing food photos as part of “What I Ate Wednesday” (you can see my previous posts here).

When I travel, I take pre-made baggies with an oat, dried fruit, and superfood mixture that I then make into a no-fuss breakfast. I buy a container of non-dairy milk and frozen blueberries (or fresh fruit) when I get to my location. Assuming I have at least a mini-bar or some sort of refrigerator available, I combine the ingredients the night before before so it’s all ready to go the next day:

Vegan Hotel Overnight Oats

Here’s my recipe:

Chocolate Travel Overnight Oats
Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 1
  • ⅓ cup gluten-free rolled oats
  • 1 tablespoon dried goji berries
  • 1 teaspoon flaxmeal
  • 1 teaspoon ground chia seeds
  • ⅛ teaspoon Ceylon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon sunflower seeds
  • ⅛ teaspoon wheatgrass powder (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon hemp powder (optional)
  • ½ cup non-dairy milk
  • ⅓ cup frozen wild organic blueberries (optional)
  1. Combine oats, goji berries, flax meal, ground chia seeds, cinnamon, cocoa powder, sunflower seeds, wheatgrass powder, and hemp powder in a small portable container.
  2. Once you arrive at your hotel, pour your oat mixture into a bowl or large cup. Stir in non-dairy milk and frozen blueberries using a spoon, straw, or the non-bristled end of your toothbrush (if desperate for a stirring implement).
  3. Store the mixture in the refrigerator overnight or at least four hours. Serve cold or at room temperature.

I met my friend Katie at Chaco Canyon in Seattle for lunch:

Chaco Canyon in Seattle

Katie writes the blog Serenity in the Storm and was featured on an Our Hen House podcast several months ago at Pigs Peace Sanctuary. This was our second time meeting in person and we had so much to talk about including school, blogging, and life in general. We both had the Raw Enchiladas:

Raw Enchiladas at Chaco Canyon

I had the Raw Brownie for dessert. It was really delicious, being both chocolatey and sweet with a firm texture (I’m guessing it was made with coconut oil) and the crunch of the nuts on top:

Raw brownie at Chaco Canyon

I went hiking in Boeing Creek Park with my sister (she’s expecting baby #2 early next year):

Hiking with Emily in Washington

Boeing Creek Park trees

I guess all the rain in the Pacific Northwest is worth it to have greenery like this:

Moss growing on trees

If it didn’t rain so much in Seattle, I would consider living there for trails like this:

Beautiful path in the woods

Except, in addition to not liking getting wet, I couldn’t handle living with these:

Spider all up close and personal

Dinner included a trip to the Whole Foods salad bar. My M.O. at WF is to get “The Big Salad” with one of the Health Starts Here dressings, plus a scoop of the vegan White Bean & Kale Soup for some warmth and heartiness:

The Big Salad at Whole Foods Market

My dinner looked like with the soup on top:

Soup on top of my salad at Whole Foods

Overall, I had a fairly easy time eating healthfully on this trip. Travel is undoubtedly a giant pain and I paid the price with the cold that I brought home, but it’s all worth it to have new adventures, see new things, and spend time with loved ones, including my nephew on his 5th birthday:

Carrie with nephew Sam on his 5th birthday

What are your best healthy travel tips? I’m going to NYC in October and I’d love to get some more ideas.

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    Love your posts, you are such an inspiration for me to remain on this healthy eating journey. NY is a great place, I live about an hours drive from NYC actually just north of Flemington, where Dr. Fuhrman’s office is. I believe he might have another location but I know where the Flemington location is. If you are there on a Friday night and want to try something different give The Natural Gourmet Institute a try, their chef’s in training do a price fixed vegan dinner that are wonderful. You eat in one of their kitchens, it’s downtown on 21st street. I was a student there and the students put their heart and soul into their Friday night dinner. It the last hurray before graduation.

    Have a wonderful time, NYC during the fall is perfect.

    • says

      Thanks Kimberly! I have been to the Natural Gourmet Institute, but just for a visit, not to eat. Great suggestion and how awesome that you were able to attend school there. 🙂

  2. says

    What a beautiful family you have! Overnight oats to go is a great idea; I usually carry nuts in my backpack where ever I go, but I should carry a baggie of prepared oatmeal to in case a craving strikes (and it often does)!!

    • says

      Thanks Suzanne! I wish I could spend more time with my family, we are all spread apart. I feel like my blogging friends are part of my family tho. 🙂

  3. says

    I just moved from Seattle and miss it dearly. It’s truly a beautiful place to be. I would buy bag of mixed nuts from Whole Foods before my hikes. However, your oatmeal would have been great to bring on a long hike…. I tend to get hungry half way through :P.

  4. says

    Such beautiful landscape and food! There are so many places in the US I’d love to visit.
    Great idea to pack a little pre-mixed bag of goodies for brekkie. I’ve traveled with bags of dry oats and just added fresh fruit but I should add in some extras.

  5. says

    I always bring crackers and travel packs of almond butter and hummus… if I don’t have enough quick & easy protein with me, things go downhill very quickly 🙂 You should definitely visit Pure Food &Wine while there…. it’s my must-do each time I go.

      • says

        Oh, and another great trick that I forgot ~ this is a fantastic one! I learned this from one of Gena’s posts on Choosing Raw: the night before a trip, especially a long one, I make some fresh juice and get some raw coconut water and freeze them in jars. Pack them in a plastic bag in your suitcase right before you leave and they will thaw on the trip, giving you chilled, instant nutrition when you arrive at your destination!

  6. says

    Mmmm those overnight oats sound great. That is hands down my favourite breakfast! I’ll have to try this recipe out =)
    It looks like you had a lovely time in Seattle. It’s so nice seeing family – your nephew is such a cutie!
    And such good eats while you were gone! The raw enchiladas look divine (as does the brownie!!!) and I never would have thought of putting soup on top of salad – very creative.
    I really hope you are feeling better my dear – sending healing thoughts your way.

  7. says

    Chaco Canyon is one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle! Next time you might also like to try Thrive! In NYC, I’d personally like to go to Candle 79! Enjoy!

    • says

      Ohhh, I didn’t hear about Thrive, Nina, but thanks for the recommendation. Also, I definitely plan to visit Candle 79 in NYC. It will be my first time visiting the city as a vegan and I can’t wait!

  8. Patty says

    Hi Carrie, I’m getting to catch up on my blog reading! Yay! :). It’s been way too busy lately. How clever….I love your overnight oats….that’s so cool. I love the photos! Especially, all of the hiking ones, with the trees and trails. Great, great posts!
    Patty xo

  9. Kimberly Schultz says

    Next time you come up to the Great Northwest you should try eating at the “AmeRAWcan Bistro” in Tacoma. It’s a great little place in Tacoma. Love your posts by the way!!

    • says

      Thanks, Kimberly, for the restaurant suggestion! I’ll be back north early next year since my sister is having a baby. I would love to visit the raw place in Tacoma. 🙂


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