Food Blogging Photos & Vanilla Bean Cashew Cream

I’m a bit under the weather today, but I thought it might be fun to share some pictures from the last several days, plus one easy recipe. I will be uncharacteristically brief in my comments. :)

Kale and mango smoothie:

Kale Smoothie.

Green smoothie bowl served with buckwheat groats and chopped walnuts:

Green smoothie served with buckwheat groats and chopped walnuts.

Making my first batch of almond crackers using Gena’s recipe:

Making Almond Crackers.Raw almond cracker dough:

Raw almond cracker dough.All done (yum):

Raw almond crackers.

Peach pie with an experimental crust (should have used this recipe):

Peach pie.

Crust fail (but still yum especially with sweet vanilla bean cashew cream…see recipe below):

Peach pie with cashew sauce.

Hike at the beach:

Carrie at the beach.

Gratitude for being alive:

Beautiful beach scene.

Pelican obsession:


Marketing my recipe app:

Recipes on Vegan Delish.

Colorful salad on the go:

Colorful salad on the go.

Mango and cherry dessert smoothies:

Mango and cherry dessert smoothies.

Vegetable Quinoa Salad for lunch this week:

Vegetable Quinoa Salad.

I’ll be back to my regular programming on Friday; see you then.

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  1. Laura S. says

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling all that great. But somehow, as always, you have still managed to prepare wonderful, nutritious food! :-) Hope you’re feeling back to yourself soon!!

  2. says

    I also hope you feel better soon! Are there any plans for making your app available for android?
    Thanks for the pics…. they are always very inspiring ;-)

    • says

      Hi Celeste! Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate that. I would love to make Vegan Delish in an Android version, but I have to see if it makes sense financially. Apps are expensive. :( Thank you for your interest though!!!

      P.S. I continue to make almost all of my recipes available here so everyone can enjoy them.

  3. Lilly says

    Hi Carrie – so glad you are feeling better. Your foods look so yummy! Just wanted to comment on how glowing you look in photos. You really have transformed your body from the inside out and it shows. You look so young and fit, too. A real inspiration.

  4. says

    hope you are feeling better!
    Those pelicans are great, aren’t they! I was sitting on the beach at Escondido a few years back and I didn’t know you guys had pelicans on the West Coast, USA. I was so surprised as they flew overhead!

  5. Ozlem says

    Hi there
    Hope you are on your way to an easy mend. Just curious. I bought raw buckwheat groats and are these right out of the bag or do you soak them or anything? I do not have a dehydrator. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Ozlem, I always soak and dehydrate my buckwheat groats because they get a really nice crunchy texture that way. I tried to do some research on if you can just eat them raw straight out of the package, but didn’t really find any information. My guess is that you can.

      • Ozlem says

        Dear Carrie- you are so sweet to search for an answer for me. I truly appreciate everything you do here and inspriring me to be healthier everyday. Thank you.

  6. says

    Hi Carrie, sorry you aren’t feeling well, but from the comments, it seems like you’re on the mend. Hope you feel better soon!

    In the meantime, WOW, what a gorgeous week in food! Would that I cooked that much when I wasn’t feeling well. (Would that I cooked that much when I was feeling well! (-; ) Anyhow, I’m going to be making your vanilla bean cashew cream asap. Question, though: do you know a cheap(er) source for vanilla beans? Because Whole Foods is out of the question on them, and even at my “regular” grocery store they’re pricey.

    Thanks for all the fun food inspiration!

    • says

      Hi Lee. I actually ordered a big bag from Frontier Coop, but they were expensive. I’m afraid vanilla is just an expensive ingredient. You could definitely substitute regular vanilla extract for the vanilla beans.

  7. says

    I’ve thought for about two years that I was allergic to cashews and only recently had some actual testing done that showed I tolerated them, so I’m excited to final give cashew cream a try! I love that your version uses dates too. :-D

  8. says

    Thanks for linking-up to 5-Ingredient Mondays, Carrie. I love your recipe and am featuring it this week :) Hope to see you back with more delicious recipes!


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