Healthy Vegan Friday Recipes & Upcoming Vegan Event

Good morning and happy Friday to you. This has been a busy week. My spring semester is drawing to a close, although it doesn’t feel very significant to me because I’m starting my summer session on Monday. 🙂

Healthy Vegan Fridays:

As you probably know already, each Friday I co-host a recipe exchange called Healthy Vegan Fridays, where bloggers can submit their healthy, plant-based recipe. You can see the guidelines here, but the “winners” each week are based on the number of clicks for each recipe.

Here are the top picks for this round:

1. My Top 10 Tips for Eating Healthy from Chastity @ My Healthy Chef:

My Top 10 Tips for Eating Healthy from Chastity @ My Healthy Chef

2. Superfood Cups from Heather @ Sweetly Raw:

Superfood Cups from Heather @ Sweetly Raw

3. Enlightened Carrot Cake from Amber @ Chef Amber Shea:

Enlightened Carrot Cake from Amber @ Chef Amber Shea

The top 3 you picked are fabulous, and here are some of my personal favorites (note: to be included as one of my picks, the recipes must be made using using little to no oil, salt, or added sugars and primarily with whole food ingredients):

1. Most Inspiring Healthy Salad – Kale Waldorf Salad from Purely Nourished:

Kale Waldorf Salad from Purely Nourished

2. Easiest Healthy Soup Using Basic Ingredients – Sweetcorn, Pea & Tofu Soup from Almost Skinny Vegan Food:

Sweetcorn, Pea & Tofu Soup from Almost Skinny Vegan Food

3. Easiest Healthy Dessert & Beautiful Presentation – Easy Banana Nut Ice Cream from The Jensen Journal:

Easy Banana Nut Ice Cream from The Jensen Journal

Honorable Mention for Nutritarian-Friendly Comfort FoodKale, Mac N Sweet Potato Cheese from Amy’s Nutritarian Kitchen:

Kale, Mac N Sweet Potato Cheese from Amy's Nutritarian Kitchen

Honorable Mention for a Beautiful & Easy SaladAsparagus, Strawberry and Basil Salad with Mosto Cotto from The Taste Space:

Asparagus, Strawberry and Basil Salad with Mosto Cotto from The Taste Space

I LOVE getting inspiration each week from the amazing recipes that are submitted to Healthy Vegan Fridays. If you want to puruse the entire list of entries, just go to the thumbnails featured below this post on my website. To see a list of all the Healthy Vegan Friday posts featuring recipes, click here.

Healthy Taste of Los Angeles:

Calendar alert! If you are anywhere around the Los Angeles area, I wanted to let you know about a great event happening on June 23rd. It’s called The Healthy Taste of Los Angeles and it’s a 100% plant-based all-day event (see the website here) with amazing speakers and food. Chef AJ is the organizer and I was lucky enough to attend similar events in March and April to hear Drs. Michael Greger and Matt Lederman speak about the benefits of healthy, vegan living (you can read about my experiences at the previous events here and here). I hope you can join me at this fabulous event in June!


I’ve been playing around a lot more on Pinterest lately. Are you a fan? See all my boards here, including the ones I’ve created for Healthy Vegan Food, Fruits and Veggies are Beautiful!, and Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live Food. I even have one for Vegan Delish, my app for healthy recipes that is available for download here.

With that, have a happy, healthy weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday.


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    Oh wow, that taste of LA thing sounds amazing. Wish I could be around for it.
    I love Healthy Vegan Fridays – always gives me inspiration for my weekly menu plan =)

    • says

      Thanks, Kimmy! I wish you could come to the event, too. I will be blogging about it, though. I’m glad you like Healthy Vegan Fridays and I love the recipes you share! 🙂

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    So exciting! My first Healthy Vegan Friday! Thanks for the spotlight. So great to come here and see so many inspirational recipes and photos. Makes wanting to try new vegan recipes all the more fun. And connecting with others. So excited to see some other bloggers to look up! Thanks Carrie!

  3. says

    Through the years, I’ve been telling people that with the choices we have today makes it so easy to be a vegan. Heck, I think vegan food is much tastier than the meat.. Finding your blog allows me to now show people how yummy these dishes are …


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