Healthy Vegan Friday, Homemade Vegan Yogurt, & Recipe Contest

Hi there and happy Friday to you! I have a lot to cover in this post and want to start with the top picks for healthy, vegan recipes from our weekly link-up party.

Healthy Vegan Fridays:

As selected by the number of clicks, the most popular recipes from last week are:

1.Vegan Peanut Butter Cups from Sabrina @ Living, Learning, Eating:

Vegan Peanut Butter Cups from Sabrina @ Living, Learning, Eating

2. Mint Chip Protein Shake from Heather @ Sweetly Raw:

Mint Chip Protein Shake from Heather @ Sweetly Raw

3. Sweet Potato Pasta from Raechel @ rebel grrrl kitchen:

Sweet Potato Pasta from Raechel @ rebel grrrl kitchen

Congrats to the bloggers whose recipes were in the top, these recipes look incredible.

My favorites (see my guidelines here):

1. Easiest Nutritarian-Friendly Meal – Chickpea Pie Stew from Vegans Eat Yummy Food Too:

Chickpea Pie Stew from Vegans Eat Yummy Food Too

2. Most Creative Raw Food Meal (just try and guess what the tacos are made from) – Raw Cheesy Vegan Tacos from Gluten Free Cat:

Raw Cheesy Vegan Tacos from Gluten Free Cat

3. Most Inspiring Salad – Sundried Tomato Chickpea Salad from Peaches and Greens:

Sundried Tomato Chickpea Salad from Peaches and Greens

Thank you to everyone who submitted a recipe or checked out the offerings. You can submit your link or see all of the recipes at the end of this post. Yay!

Homemade Vegan Series: How to Make Yogurt

So this section is where I’m trying to show how to make vegan stuff at home. Last week, I discussed how to dry your own herbs. This week, I’m addressing how to make yogurt which has been years in the process for me (not that it’s hard or anything). Many vegans say that dairy cheese was the hardest product to move away from on a plant-based diet; mine was yogurt.

Turns out, non-dairy yogurt is super easy to make and, when you make it at home, you can leave out any nasties that you might find in store-bought versions. Okay, so you do need some supplies.

1. The yogurt machine. I bought my Euro Cuisine yogurt machine off Amazon (note: I am affiliate member of Amazon so if you use this link, you’ll be supporting me; thank you!). There are several models you can choose from, I got the most basic model and it works great for me. Note: it is possible to make yogurt in a dehydrator, too. Here is a link for using that technique.

Homemade yogurt maker.

2. The ingredients. The most difficult part of making vegan yogurt was to find a starter that didn’t come from a dairy source. You can use a probiotic supplement, but most of them aren’t certified vegan. I found  a company that does offer one, it is called Cultures for Health (note: I am not affiliated with this company, but they did send me a sample of the vegan yogurt starter to test):

Vegan yogurt starter from Cultures for Health

3. The non-dairy milk. Okay, this is where it gets a little tricky. I have tried making yogurt with both soy and almond milks, but the soy milk yogurt turned out a lot better than when using the almond milk (I encourage you to experiment). There is a whole section on the Cultures for Life about how to thicken yogurt here. I don’t like to add anything (out of laziness, primarily), so I just like to use an unsweetened or regular version of soy milk like Eden brand:

Supplies for homemade yogurt.

 4. The process. So, to get started, you just blend your non-dairy milk with the culture. I use my blender on a very low speed so as not to harm the bacteria. You only need to blend it for 15 seconds or so:

Mixing the probiotic for homemade yogurt.

Then, I pour the mixture into the glass jars (aren’t they cute?) and let it cook with the cover for 6-8 hours:

Homemade yogurt.

I love the smell of homemade, warm yogurt, it is that comforting sweet and sour odor that defines what yogurt really is. I always have jars of this in my fridge now and use it on my oatmeal or in green smoothies every morning for breakfast:

Homemade vegan soy yogurt on breakfast dish.

It’s also great on top of stews or soups. Here, I served it with my some Tempting Tempeh Chili (look for the recipe on Vegan Delish here!):

Homemade yogurt on chili.

I loved it on my Slow-Cooker Cauliflower Indian Stew:

Homemade yogurt on Cauliflower Indian Stew.

I hope this explanation helped describe the process of making homemade vegan yogurt. It’s fun, easy, and delicious!

Vegan Recipe Contest:

Before I go, I was honored to be invited to participate in a vegan recipe contest from Ethical Ocean. I decided to submit one of my favorite, healthy recipes to the contest, my Kale & Spring Pea Mash-Up:

Kale & Spring Pea Mashup

If you made this recipe or think it looks good, would you consider voting for it HERE? If my recipe wins, you’ll be entered to win a $250 gift card on the Ethical Ocean website which is a totally cool company. I am mainly just really humbled to have my recipe featured with 24 other really great vegan bloggers. Thank you in advance for your support!


I hope you have a fantastic weekend. I’m a busy bee, but will be back here on Tuesday with a brand new post. “See” you soon. 🙂


  1. says

    Oh wow, I’ve been wanting to make my own yogurt for awhile now. I love the storebought kind, but I don’t love what they put in it…
    Thanks for sharing.
    Good luck with the recipe contest my dear!
    Have a fab weekend =)

    • Mechef145 says

      Thanks for the yogurt recipe! Have you tried using a pure clay pot to prepare yogurt? I have seen my mom using them and now regularly prepare thick and delicious yogurt at home. The micro pores in the pure clay pot lets only the water to evaporate giving you a silky thick and all natural yogurt. Most importantly it holds all the nutrients in the food and gives you a healthier food. I use it to prepare various recipes but have a separate one for the yogurt. I got them from mecware.US (online).

  2. SusanC says

    Thanks so much for the yogurt recipe and tips! Do you know anything about using hemp milk to make yogurt? I guess I could always just give it a shot, but thought I’d ask first! 🙂

    • says

      Hi Susan! I’ve never tried making the yogurt with hemp milk. I have a feeling it would be runny, but please let me know if you try it. I might try it as well. 🙂

      • SusanC says

        My yogurt mail was shipped today, so I’ll hopefully be trying it this weekend, assuming that I can find the vegan starter at a local market! (crossing fingers!) I’ll let you know how it turns out, as I’m dying to have vegan yogurt that’s not full of sugar like the ones in the store. I have gestational diabetes, so it basically makes those off-limits regardless of my personal feelings about sugar. That’s why I was so excited to see your post and don’t know why I haven’t looked into making it myself with a yogurt maker before. 🙂

  3. Rachel says

    I just starting making my own yogurt with the same maker and starter. I bought the trader joes organic soymilk which is really cheap and the only ingredients are soybeans and water! I definitely want to try doing it with homemade nut and seed milks and see if I can get to work well (:

  4. says

    I never would have thought of making my own yogurt, but what a great idea!! I only buy organic yogurt, but unfortunately most of the fruit or flavored options have lots of sugar, it would be nice to add honey instead of the sugar. I’ll have to get one of these yogurt machines!! Thanks so much!!

  5. Laura (Aussie) says

    Hey Carrie sorry if you have already answered this or I missed it in your post can you use almond milk instead of soy milk? The little glass jars are cute.

    • says

      Hi Laura! I tried making almond milk yogurt, but it was very runny. It would probably firm up with some type of addition, but I haven’t tried it. I think yogurt can be made from any non-dairy milk; let me know if you try it! Xoxo!

  6. says

    Hi Carrie! You were part inspiration for my wife and I to start our own blog, “Pyles of Veggies”. My name should link to it. Thanks for your dedication, many of the recipes we find here are now staples in our home. Wish you all the best.

    • says

      Awesome, Corey, thanks for letting me know about your blog. I’ve added you to my reader so I won’t miss a post. I got your e-mail as well and wanted to tell you how to add a recipe to the Healthy Vegan Friday recipe link-up. So, first you need a link to a recipe on your blog. Then, you go to the most recent post on my blog that features the Healthy Vegan Friday topic. The link-up is open each week from Fridays until the following Tuesday (until 11:59 PM). You scroll to the very bottom of my post where you’ll see thumbnails of other recipes that have been submitted. Then, you click on the part that says “you are next…click here to enter.” Follow the instructions and your recipe will be submitted! Here’s the link to the post that is open through tomorrow: Good luck!!! 🙂

  7. says

    OH, I kept scrolling past all of that thinking that it was just a rather obnoxious ad. *sigh* Maybe I’ll pay better attention next time. Thanks!

  8. Trisha says

    Hi Carrie!

    Do you eat ETL 100% of the time or do you occasionally eat non ETL things like at restaurants or family get togethers? If you do does it give you a headache/migraine?

    I am fully committed to eating this way for the rest of my life if it gets rid of my headaches but I’m worried that that more I eat this way, the more sensitive I might become to non ETL foods? I’m worried that in the future if I have to eat a small amount something (like at a wedding or funeral) that is non ETL that it will cause a big headache? I am hoping that the opposite is true.. that over time as I build up my micronutrients that I’ll be able to have an occasional non ETL food without it causing a headache?

    • says

      Hi Trisha, great question. Hmmmm, it’s hard for me to even remember what my recovery from headaches was like because it’s been at least a year now since I’ve even had one. So, I do eat ETL probably 90% of the time, but the 10% might be oil, salt, or sugar, and not in huge quantities. For instance, an “off-plan” meal would still be 100% vegan, but might be at a restaurant where they definitely use oil, salt, and sugar. Even the kale salad at the Veggie Grill is full of oil. But, no, I don’t recall getting a headache from those foods, I just mainly feel overly full and maybe thirsty from the salt. In thinking back on it a little bit more, I can say that my recovery was indeed just that, but now that I’m “better,” the fear of getting a headache has even gone away. Feel free to keep asking me questions, it’s a nice reminder for me for how far I’ve come. I’m sending you warm wishes for your recovery, too!

  9. says

    Again, catching up on blog reading…Just checked out that website for the vegan yogurt culture. They’re out stock ,but back in soon. Wow; they have tons of awesome stuff! Def going back to check out some more of their goodies. Thanks for the info!

  10. N says

    Just whipped up some yogurt! Can’t wait to see how it turns out! You don’t do any warming of the milk/starter, correct? Just add starter to milk, blend and pour in jars, then “cook” in yogurt maker, right?

    • says

      Yes, that is exactly what I do. Which starter did you use? I have switched to use the VSL#3 or two packets of the Cultures for Life.

  11. Chris says

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful yogurt recipe. I just recently started making vegan yogurt at home and wow, it doesn’t compare to store bought, right? I have yet to try it with soy milk but when I do it will be your recipe.
    For those who can’t/don’t prefer soy and would like to try an almond milk recipe that works for me and always gets rave reviews, try this. For every 4 cups of homemade almond milk add 2/3 cup of cashews (soaked for at least 3 hours), blend in vitamix then transfer to pan, let temp get to 110 and turn off heat. Add culture and mix gently. Pour into containers and place in yogurt maker. Let sit for 4-12 hours depending on how tart you prefer. Refrigerate. For a thicker yogurt, strain. Enjoy!

    • says

      Hi Chris, thanks for the note and the almond milk yogurt recipe. I agree, homemade non-dairy yogurt is fantastic and doesn’t compare to store-bought.

  12. says

    Chickpea pie!!! Love it, going to try it this weekend. I just got some great home cooking stuff, induction cookware etc. So I am eager to get started cooking some delicious meals. And your recipe’s here look great. Thanks for sharing! I will be sure to post about my experience with your awesome recipes 🙂



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