Introducing Our New Healthy Vegan Friday Co-Host

Today is February 1st! It kinda just seems like we got over the holidays and now I’m already thinking about spring, how about you? It helps that we are having some really beautiful weather here in Southern California. I have friends visiting for the weekend (including this little guy) and I’m looking forward to some time hanging out with them and enjoying the sunshine.

Today is also Healthy Vegan Friday and I couldn’t be more excited to announce the new co-host of our little blog party…Katherine Natalia from Green Thickies!

Katherine Natalia drinking a Green Thickie

Katherine is an incredibly talented vegan blogger, health advocate, mother, recipe creator, marketer and techno whiz. You have probably seen Katherine’s recipes featured on Healthy Vegan Fridays (HVF), hers are consistently among the most popular.

Hey, I just realized that our HVF team is now international. I’m in California, Gabby is in Canada and Katherine is in Scotland. Hmmm…..vegan world domination? 🙂

I also wanted to say that we received interest from a total of eight fantastic vegan bloggers to co-host HVFs and it was a very, very difficult decision to select just one. I continue to be amazed by the talent, focus and smarts of the bloggers (and readers!) in our community and I feel so lucky to have the time and energy to devote to this project.

Let’s move on to the most popular recipes submitted last week.

1. How to Go Vegan by Chasity at My Healthy Chef:

ice Cream picture from My Healthy Chef

2. Top 10 Health Posts from Adrienne at Whole New Mom:

Top 10 Health Posts from Whole New Mom

3. Crunchy Cabbage Salad with Orange-Tahini Dressing from Janet at The Taste Space:

Crunchy Cabbage Salad from The Taste Space

All great reads and recipes!

Here are some of the posts that grabbed my attention:

1. Most Creative Dessert – Lemony Deep Dish Fruit Pizza from Flora Foodie:

Lemony Deep Dish Fruit Pizza from Flora Foodie

2. Healthiest Soup Recipe – Almond and Broccoli Soup with Tofu Crumble from Almost Skinny Vegan Food:

Almond and Broccoli Soup with Tofu Crumble from Almost Skinny Vegan Food

3. Best Snack Food – Raw Spicy Cheese Crackers from Sweet & Healthy Living:

Raw Spicy Cheese Crackers from Sweet & Healthy Living

Once again, you guys really raised the bar on what whole food vegan food is all about and I thank you for participating.

If you have a recipe to share, please read the submission guidelines here and use the button at the end of this post to link up. Be sure to include a backlink to one of the host sites.

I mentioned on Wednesday that I’m lining up some great prizes for my Facebook page followers for when I reach my goal of 2,000 likes (currently at 1,783 as of this morning). The first prize comes from Dan of who has generously offered to send two readers each a 2 lb. bag of chia seeds (Dan has a Facebook page that you can visit here with all sorts of info and recipes using chia seeds). To be eligible to win this prize, be sure to like my Facebook page here (everyone who likes my page will be entered to win).

Here’s to a happy, healthy weekend for all of us. See you back here on Monday!


  1. says

    I love your blog and I am so honored that my post was the post popular submission from last week’s Healthy Vegan Friday. One thing though – would you mind fixing the spelling of my name, please? It’s Chasity with just one t. Thanks : )

  2. John Berkowitz says

    Great news to have a new special guest from different country to share her ideas with us. Your page is very helpful, especially for a starting vegan (and very amateur cook). I can finally invite my friends for a dinner and show them some vegan magic haha. I feel that vegan lifestyle is becoming a standard, at least here in Toronto.


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