My Healthy Weekend Vegan Eats & Smoothie Fixins’

Hi, good morning! Hope you had a good weekend. I think my increased dosage of thyroid replacement medication has finally kicked in because I’m feeling good again, probably the best since the weeks after my surgery when I still had natural thyroid hormone in my system. I have a blood test and appointment scheduled with my endocrinologist in about three weeks and we’ll know for sure after that.

It’s nice to have my energy back so I feel more motivated to do more in the kitchen. It couldn’t have come fast enough because Alan staged a mini-revolt on Friday and requested no. more. soup for at least a few days. I’m the kind of person who can eat the same foods day in and day out, but he likes a little more variety and I can appreciate that. He asked for a stir-fry so that’s what we had. I used my basic recipe with Almond-Tahini Sauce.

Prepping the vegetables is the hardest part:

Vegetables prepped for stir-fry.

I served it with chopped peanuts which gave it a great crunch factor:

Vegetable Stir-Fry with chopped peanuts.

I made my version of a Buddha bowl for lunch on Saturday, this one had romaine, black rice, broccoli, avo and chopped red onion with my favorite salad dressing and some edamame on the side:

Carrie's Buddha bowl.

Saturday night my vegan man and I went to Native Foods for dinner. We each had the Soul Bowl which someone on Instagram said makes us Soul Bowl-mates. Ha!

Yesterday I was still feeling spunky so I made some Avocado Chocolate Pudding. Yes:

Avocado Chocolate Pudding

I’ve made this with silken tofu and avocados in the past to help dilute the fat, but yesterday I made it with just avocados and no tofu and the consistency was like chocolate mousse and the flavor was incredible.

Dinner last night was leftover stir-fry and a fruit bowl of chopped kiwis and fresh organic blueberries I found at Costco:

Fruit bowl with kiwi and blueberries.

What were your favorite healthy, vegan eats from the weekend? Tell me!

A few weeks ago my friend Jasmin requested a peek into my smoothie cabinet and a few of you seconded her request, so I decided to do it a little at a time.

I start pretty much every green smoothie with a base of hemp and sesame seed milk that I make in my high-speed blender. I buy both products through Vitacost (use this link if you’re a new customer and we’ll both save $10).

The hemp seeds come in a three-pound bag that I store in the freezer once it’s opened:

3 lbs. of hemp seeds.

I use hemp seeds because they are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein and are mild in flavor. I keep a little glass dish of them for easy access and they live on the inside of my refrigerator door:

Hemp seeds.

When I am making the base for my smoothies, I also add about two tablespoons of unhulled sesame seeds for a great source of calcium:

Unhulled sesame seeds from Bob's.

I also buy these from Vitacost, although I have found them in the bulk section at natural food stores as well. Just make sure they are labeled “natural” or “brown” so you know they are unhulled which I found out at Dr. Fuhrman’s Immersion in San Francisco ensures that you get the most nutrition.

I keep these in a labeled, glass jar in my pantry:

Sesame seeds.

I use 1/4 cup of hemp seeds and about 2 tablespoon of sesame seeds with 3 cups of chilled water when I make my smoothies which are generally about 4 servings. I just blend it all in the Vitamix before I start adding all of the other ingredients.

In my next post, I’ll talk about the best types of fruits and greens to use in a smoothie.

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  1. says

    First of all your stir-fry looks wonderful! I can eat the same thing over and over again if it’s something I like, but my sweetie is like Alan and wants some variety 🙂

    Great idea to make your own sesame milk for smoothies. I’ve been using raw tahini, which is quite expensive. I can probably find those Bob’s sesame seeds at one of my grocery stores and save a little cash. Love the peek into your smoothie cabinet.

    • says

      Thanks, Nikki! I haven’t made homemade tahini but that’s a great idea. I agree, raw tahini is pricey. Let me know if you try it, I’m very curious.

  2. says

    Hiya! All of your food looks AWESOME as usual! I’m a fan of Hemp Seeds, too! I should probably post more about them, soon! So far today I posted about my Produce Finds over the weekend, some Raw Vegan Meals/Snacks, and added a bunch of pics with my new iPhone 4S – I was posted with my iPhone 3 – what a difference!!!!! I have LOTS to post about – swing by when you can! That Tahini Almond Sauce sounds pretty awesome, too! I know I mentioned to you last week I was going to be traveling – well, after 6 hours one way, we only stayed a bit and had to drive back home early the next day as DH was sick. BUT…we found a neat little ‘hidden’ veg restaurant nearby that I never knew existed and we went and DH the “omni” even liked it! Woot!

  3. SueC says

    Hi Carrie,
    Any thoughts on using shelled vs. whole hemp seeds? I just cooked with them for the first time today (I made Dr. Fuhrman’s Tomato Bisque). I don’t know anything about them but am assuming what I bought were whole seeds cause they don’t look like what you photographed. I put them in the Vitamix and blended them with the other bisque ingredients. Just curious if I should get shelled ones next time. By the way, I topped the bisque with the sour cream recipe you posted earlier and it came out great.

    • says

      Great question, Sue! I am going to research this and write about it in tomorrow’s post…

      So happy to hear you liked the sour cream recipe, btw. 🙂

  4. Jill in Chicago says

    Ooh, thanks for the info on unhulled sesame seeds — I’ll have to start adding them to my smoothies!

    Also I absolutely adore Native Foods and am so thankful we have them here in Chicago. My omni boyfriend and I both love Soul Bowls!

  5. Laura (Aussie) says

    Hey Carrie cant wait to hear more about green smoothies!! This is definitely an area I still dont have confidence in..although it is something I would like to be having on a daily basis….and one that is approved in terms of Dr F 6 week challenge. Also want to know if you can make the night before and have in the morning. Love your stir fry!!

    • says

      Thanks Laura!!! 🙂 Unfortunately, the Dr. F approved smoothies aren’t going to taste anything like mine. He advises only using 1 fruit per serving and I probably use 3 to make it sweet enough. I’m going to post more about this tomorrow. In regards to your question about making the night before, I think the best plan would be to put everything in the blender, pop it in the fridge and then blend it right before you drink it.

  6. christy says

    When you make 4 servings at once. Do you drink them all then. Can you keep juice. I always thought it lost its goodie if it just sat. Can you store it?

    • says

      Hi Christy! I don’t drink all 4 servings of the smoothies at once, my husband has about 1 1/2 and then I save the extra for the next day. 🙂

  7. says

    So glad you are feeling more energy – that’s great! It sounds like things are regulating nicely Carrie =)
    What a great weekend of healthy food! I’m not a big fan of silken tofu, I really like making just plain avocado and carob or cacao pudding, sometimes I add a bit of coconut milk and a date or 2. So good.
    Oh and we went to Native Foods for dinner Saturday too. Man oh man I wish we had those near the Bay Area.

    • says

      Thanks, Kimmy! I may be hyperthyroid now, I’m waking up suuuuuper early. It’s better than being hypo, though. 🙂 My doctor said I’ll probably need to reduce my Synthroid when I see him in a few weeks. Which Native Foods did you go to and what did you get? I would love to try everything but I usually keep ordering the same 3 items.


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