Vegan Adventures in Disneyland

Good morning and happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to my American readers. As I mentioned on Friday, I spent this holiday weekend at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, with my sister and her family. Note to self: never go to an amusement park again on a holiday weekend. It was sooooo crowded! Nonetheless, fun was had:

Carrie and Mr. Incredible at Disneyland.

I really enjoyed time spent with my sister and my nephew, Sam, who is four years old and was alternatively overwhelmed with joy and terror by the whole experience:

Emily, Sam and Carrie

Since I was very skeptical about being able to find healthy, plant-based meals at the parks, I ended up bringing all my own food. I’m happy to say that nobody gave me any problems about bringing in a small cooler bag with my garbanzo bean salad, sandwiches, fruit, nuts, snack bars and vegetables. I did see plenty of vendors selling fresh fruit, but I couldn’t help but notice that 99% of the food being sold was crapola. At one point, I was both thirsty and hungry and I chopped through my red bell pepper like an apple:

Red bell pepper snack.

By Saturday evening, Alan and I were ready to take a break from the crowds so we headed south to Irvine to eat dinner at the Veggie Grill:

Veggie Grill Irvine Spectrum

I had the All Hail Kale Salad with grilled tempeh and no dressing. I splurged and also had a side dish of the mac n’ cheese (not pictured):

All Hail Kale Salad from the Veggie Grill

This hit the spot. I also wanted to share the easy breakfast options I had while traveling. Since our hotel had a fridge, each night I combined rolled oats, cinnamon, flax meal and ground chia seeds with soy milk and a chopped apple. By the next morning, breakfast was ready, no cooking necessary:

No-Cook Apple Oats

I call these No-Cook Apple Oats and you can find the recipe on my app, Vegan Delish. I also used my travel blender to make green smoothies in the room. I tried to make video of this process, by the way, but it didn’t turn out that great, so the photos will have to suffice. I used frozen pineapple, berries, water, hemp seeds and greens:

Ingredients for a hotel room green smoothie.

I also used a banana I picked up at the hotel breakfast buffet. True to form, I stuffed as many greens as I could in my blender:

My travel blender stuffed with greens.


Hotel room green smoothie.

Here’s the recipe:

I think it’s even more important to eat and stay healthy when traveling because it is so exhausting. Alan and I were more than ready to come home yesterday and enjoy a little peace and quiet with no. more. crowds:


Did you have a good weekend? I got to catch up on my blog reading last night and I wanted to highlight this great post over on Choosing Raw by one of my blogging friends, Angela, who shared her story about recovering from disordered eating through a commitment to loving herself and animals.

Enjoy your day and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday.


  1. says

    Hiya! Great pics! Glad you are having a fun time! You deserve a fun time 🙂
    LOVE the sunshine in them! It’s sooooooo cold here! I’m leaving in a few days – for a few days – to go to Hershey! I’ll be in conferences most of the time I am there but I’ll have to see what I can find vegan 🙂 I will try and report on my blog 🙂

  2. Angela says

    Thanks for the shout out Carrie and for sharing your vegan adventures in Disney! Way to go sticking to a healthy, wholesome diet while traveling. Looks like you made the best of it and had lots of fun 🙂

  3. says

    Sounds like you had a great weekend!! I can’t wait to go to Disneyland. I’ve never been and am going in August to run the Disney 1/2 marathon. I’m pretty excited =)
    Oooh I *love* veggie grill. They have one near my place and I’m glad they recently opened up. The mac and cheese is pretty awesome. I love the portabella “burger” on the steamed kale salad. YUM.
    That smoothie looks great! I need to get a travel blender, what a great idea =)

  4. says

    Really great idea to take a blender- I hate not knowing whether or not the breakfast bar in a hotel will have decent vegan options or not! Sometimes it’s less stress just to know you can make your own.

  5. Katie says

    I bookmarked your website a long time ago for the recipes, and just randomly checked it today. I just moved to Irvine this past summer!! It was so cool seeing your pictures. 🙂 I went to the Veggie Grill this past weekend too.

  6. Helena says

    That first picture of you and Mr Incredible is awesome! Doesn’t that make you smile every time you see it? I love it.
    It’s inspiring to read how you made healthy eating work for you during weekends like this. I totally agree with you on the importance of eating healthy especially during travel. I have an inexpensive stick blender that I take with me when possible to make green smoothies and it’s great to be able to get some extra greens that way. I also often take dehydrated hummus. I love it because it hardly takes up space and weighs almost nothing. It reconstitutes in about 15 minutes and you just add some raw veggies and can call it lunch.

  7. Danielle says

    Love the idea of making smoothies on travels! I was thinking of purchasing a nutri-bullet, but the problem is that we have different plugs in Europe than in the US. I’m still thinking about the purchase, because I travel to the US and Aruba almost every year and it makes healthy eating so much easier!

  8. Andrea says

    I found your site web surfing because I am trying to ETL. I saw your travel blender on your Pinterest board and was wondering what kind of blender that is. I have a vitamix (or as I call it the-worlds-most-expensive-blender) and I love it, but it is too heavy to bring traveling unless its a car trip. Do you have a blender you reccomend that is good or travel?

    • says

      Hi Andrea! I use a Magic Bullet as my travel blender, but I have heard the Tri-Best is also a good one. I also have a Vitamix at home, wouldn’t it be cool if they made a travel version? 🙂

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