Carob-Almond Wafers & What I Ate Yesterday

Happy Halloween and happy last day of Vegan Mofo 2012! I ended up with a total of 13 entries which, unfortunately, did not beat my record from last year, but I had a pretty good excuse this year. I liked the theme I chose of Cancer-Fighting Foods, you can see a list of all my posts by clicking here. Next year’s goal will be to post at least 15 times and to pick another cool theme and maybe stick with it a little better. I think it’s such a cool concept to bring together the vegan community and I’m so proud to be a part of it.

Today is What I Ate Wednesdays where I post a photo journal of everything I ate yesterday. I started off with a green smoothie using a blend of collard greens and spinach as the veggie component (this is my favorite recipe, I just substituted the watercress for the collards and spinach). As you can see, I maximize my Vitamix capacity and I usually end up with leftovers for the next day. In other words, between Alan and me, this much makes 4 good-sized smoothies:

I have found myself reducing my portion size just a little bit since I lost a little bit of weight before my surgery and my stomach size is appropriately smaller. I find this amount is enough to fuel my morning workout but not too much that I’m not hungry for lunch:

Even as we start to get cooler mornings here in California, I love a cold, refreshing smoothie for breakfast. I usually just put on an extra jacket after I drink it until I warm back up. :)

Lunch yesterday was a big salad with romaine, tempeh, chickpeas, jicama, onion, quinoa, tomatoes, pine nuts and some of Dr. Fuhrman’s Almond Balsamic Dressing:

For dessert, I had an Asian pear and about 3 tablespoons of almond butter:

I had a community lecture to attend last night after dinner, so I made something very simple which was just steamed kale topped with water-sauted mushrooms, onions, garlic and black beans. First, I steamed the kale:

Then, in a separate pan, I just heated up a teensy bit of water and added the onions and mushrooms:

During the last few minutes, I added the garlic, black beans and just a touch of tamari for flavor. I sprinkled some sesame seeds on top so it would look pretty:

How amazingly simple is that?!? I need to make more meals like this, it came together in 15 minutes.

For dessert, I had something special that was fresh out of the dehydrator. This is the type of healthy dessert that I was referring to in my discussion of sugar addiction in Wednesday’s post. It’s inspired by a recipe I found in the Vegan for the Holidays cookbook that I’m giving away on my blog this Friday (you can enter here). Zel’s recipe is called Choco-Wafers and uses walnuts, dates, raisins and cocoa powder. I wanted to make my own version using almonds and carob so that’s what I did.

I used the food processor to mix together almonds, dates, currants, water and carob:

I used these dates, by the way, they are already pitted for lazy busy people:

I then spread the mixture thinly on a piece of parchment paper set in a small baking sheet:

I put the batter on the paper onto a dehydrator tray and scored the batter into wafers:

I dehydrated these at 115 degrees for 10 hours and then flipped them, taking them off the paper, and dehydrated them for another 10 hours on the other side:

They ended up being crunchy, sweet and very waferish!

Here’s the recipe:

I ended up eating about 5 wafers for dessert last night:

Ideally, I think these wafers served with some fruit would be a great dessert, maybe even something I’ll consider for the holidays this year. The wafers are not overly sweet, but they definitely are an indulgence, albeit a healthy one.

Before I end this post for today, I had a few people ask me questions about my history of sugar addiction and so I just wanted to say that it’s been a lifelong struggle for me. In fact, one of my earliest memories goes back to when I was probably 5 years old and I raided the pantry for some candy that I knew my parents had hidden from me. Of course, I got caught and then I lied about it and got in even more trouble which probably was the start of the good food/bad food scenario for me that I’ve also struggled with my whole life.

But, as far as the real sugar addiction, I can’t say when all that started except that there must be something in my brain that gravitates toward sugar and then has a problem controlling the urge to have more. If there is any truth to people having addictive tendencies, then I am for sure one of those people. This topic is not something I’ve studied in depth or have any professional experience with whatsoever, it’s just kind of my gut feeling for what is going on.

That’s enough armchair psychology for a Wednesday morning for me… have a great day and I’ll see you back here on Friday with some exciting news from the world of healthy vegan food!


  1. Gina says

    Carrie………I love that you used those dates for ‘busy’ people. :) I use those all the time! I can’t wait to try out the recipe for the Carob-Almond Wafers. They look so easy to make, and my dehydrator needs a workout. I didn’t use it at all over the past couple of months. Be well!!! xoxo

  2. Oly Jacobsen says

    Hi, I don’t have a dehydrator … but I’m sure that I can make them in the oven as well, cause they look super delicious!
    Nice to see, how healthy you eat <3
    Happy Halloween! I ended up making a Pumpkin-Kale Lasagna :-)

  3. says

    All looks so tasty!
    I have a dehydrator but have never used it! I can’t wait to try your recipe – looks so delicious and not too hard! The dehydrator has always scared me – time to conquer my fear I think!!!!

    • says

      I was scared of the dehydrator, too, Sandy, but it’s really easy and you should definitely try using it. You can’t mess up these cookies, either. Now if only I could conquer my fear of the pressure cooker!!! :)

      • says

        I am definitely going to try this week! No more excuses!!!! lol
        I recently bought a pressure cooker too!!!!! I have read the instructions about 3 times…. nearly time to try I think!!!

          • says

            Huge success with cooking beans! I’m yet to attempt anything else in the pressure cooker too lol!
            LOVE LOVE these dehydrator crackers! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!!!!
            These will now be a regular addition to my daughters lunch box!

          • says

            Wow, Sandy, I’m so glad you liked the cookies!!! I love how simple the ingredients are. It is on my to-do list this fall/winter to start using the pressure cooker. I will definitely post about it on my blog and hopefully will come up with some creative recipes! :)

  4. Laura Aussie says

    WOW!! Carrie I cant wait to make these wafers they look delicious…maybe would be nice with a fresh bowl of cherries…I will have to cook mine in the oven will let you know how they go. THANK YOU!!

  5. says

    So many delicious things going on in this WIAW post! I think it’s perfectly okay to enjoy a smoothie even when cooler weather comes. I mean that’s what a blanket is for right??

  6. bitt says

    I’ve always struggled with sugar addiction too. As a kid I hoarded candy and binged on it. As an adult I hid bags of candy in my drawers and work and would binge again on them until my head would sweat from the toxins. Later even as I got rid of artificial stuff from my diet, I would still find a way to overdo it on dates and fruit. It wasn’t until I had to give those up that I realized they too had become an addiction, probably because I had bad candida and it makes you crave what feeds it. I find now I am able to eat smaller portions of fruit with more control. It didn’t help in the raw food movement that binging on fruit was encouraged. I think if you feel obsessed with any food it’s good to take a step back and examine the reasons.

    Hope you are feeling better and healing fast.

    • says

      I’m glad you’ve worked out some of your issues with sugar, Bitt! It is very freeing for me not to feel compelled to binge on sugar, but to enjoy the natural sweetness from fruit. Thanks for the comment. :)

    • bee says

      Bitt…I can totally relate. I started on the 811 diet and it totally caused major sugar addiction isssues. Im transitioning to dr fuhrmans diet but I still binge on dates. How do u deal with this? I also feel like im always hungry despite being full. Ugh

      • says

        Hi Bee! I’ve also had a problem with eating too many dates in the past. To be honest, at one point I had to just get rid of them and not have them in the house. Now I am able to keep them around and I rarely eat them anymore, unless blended into a salad dressing or an occasional sweetened dessert.

  7. says

    Great job completing the Vegan MoFo! I’m not sure how you managed to keep up with posting at all given everything you have going on right now but I’m sure glad you did.

    Your wafers look yummy; I still have not used our dehydrator yet so this would give me a good excuse to bust it out. And I can see TJ’s AB being a good dipper for these too and I’m always looking for a good excuse to eat almond butter!

  8. says

    Carrie, thank you for posting on your struggle with sugar. I think it gives many of us hope that we can overcome it too. Thank you for taking the time to write and for being so transparent!

  9. says

    Everything looks so good! I think I am going to try those wafers. I don’t have any carob powder handy, but I do have cocoa. I’ll try them with both! Thanks so much for sharing at last week’s Meatless Monday :)

    • says

      Great question, Alix! I think it depends on how low the temperatures of those devices can go (some of those are limited) and how much space you will need. For little jobs like dehydrating fruit, they are probably pretty decent. I use an Excalibur brand – check out my Amazon store here:


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