How I Battled My Sugar Addiction

Good morning and happy Monday! Did you have a nice weekend? It was so, so pretty here in California and I spent as much time outside as I could enjoying this:

I was on the pier at a beach town north of where I live and I saw seals, pelicans and dolphins (!!!). I am absolutely in love with dolphins, by the way, they are such incredible creatures. If you saw me out there, I was the girl squealing every time a dolphin surfaced. πŸ™‚

While I was out yesterday with friends, we went to one of my favorite local vegan cafes and had lunch. I had the spring roll filled with veggies and tempeh that I often get:

Plus, I tried for the first time the arugula salad with beets:

The salad also had shallots, pumpkin seeds and nutritional yeast on it. I had the lemon vinaigrette on the side and only need a little of it to bring the flavors together. I am so going to re-create this one at home!

Despite the good amount of food I ate, I still felt hungry after lunch. More specifically, I had the overwhelmingly strong urge to eat something sweet. I realized later that the sauce used for the spring roll was made from Vegenaise and so it had sugar in it which must have stimulated my drive to eat more sugar. I ended up buying an apple from the health food store next door to the cafe to help satisfy my urge, but it was an awful feeling that I haven’t experienced in awhile.

It reminded me of my post from Friday where I discussed some of the changes I’ve made since Dr. Fuhrman’s Getaway and my cancer diagnosis and I realized that I have really made some progress with my sugar addiction these past several months. (You can read more about my history with binge eating disorder during my adolescence in these posts).

The bottom line is that I haven’t consumed sugar or any non-nutritive sweeteners in about 10 weeks and that has made all the difference in my addictive tendencies. I continue to eat tons of fresh fruit, but that uncontrollable urge to eat more than I am hungry for is rarely stimulated with fruit.Β This is a huge realization and step for me!

On that note, I am loving the transition from summer to fall fruits right now. I found some Asian pears and persimmons at the farmers’ market on Friday along with some peaches and kiwis leftover from summer:

In the simplest of recipes, I just chopped them up and sprinkled some shredded coconut on top for a beautifully sweet and delicious fruit salad that was enough for both Alan and me:

Ten weeks ago, I would have laughed in your face if you told me this was dessert. Now, I find myself craving these simpler treats and foregoing the heavier date-sweetened desserts I used to eat more frequently (although I definitely still make room for those, just less often).

Has anyone else gone through this scenario of tackling a sugar addiction? Can you enjoy occasional sugary treats or is abstinence the best policy?

Before I go, I wanted to announce a giveaway of a lovely new cookbook that I was sent to review. It’s called Vegan for the Holidays and it’s written by the talented cookbook author, Zel Allen. The book is divided into 5 chapters and covers recipes for the major holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s.Β Zel also writes a cool blog called The Nut Gourmet where she has posted several recipes from the book as well as tons of other whole food, nut-based recipes. Vegan for the Holidays is beautifully done with scrumptious pictures and recipes and I am proud to add it to my collection.


If you would like to win a signed copy of this book, please just leave me a comment on this post telling me which holiday you are looking forward to the most this season.Β I’ll randomly select a winner on Friday, November 2nd and mail the book out (U.S. residents only, please). Also, just a disclaimer to my nutritarian readers, while this book does focus on whole food ingredients, many of the recipes also call for salt, sugar and oils, although on a limited basis. [Editor’s note: this giveaway is now closed.]


Good luck and see you back here on Wednesday!


  1. says

    I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. While most Americans are celebrating around a dead bird, my husband and I will be celebrating LIFE with a table of fresh foods and feeding our bodies all the yumminess of the holiday without the cruelty. πŸ™‚

  2. Ern Malcolm says

    Hi Carrie,

    I’ve given my addictions the acronym, CASS; chocolate, alcohol and salty snacks. I currently have her under control. My chocolate addiction has gone away with a TB of cocoa that I put in my daily green smoothie.

    Thanksgiving is the one I look forward to. I was born on a Thanksgiving Day. This year my birthday falls on it. I enjoy the family time at my parental home with my Dad and sister. There is so much less stress on Thanksgiving than Christmas, I can enjoy the days with family.

  3. says

    I just started reading Potatoes Not Prozac which is also about modern America’s sugar addiction, I’m juuust getting started but it’s really interesting. I was motivated to read it after that 60 Minutes episode about sugar – EK!

    As for holidays – I’m a Halloween girl through and through. So far I’ve already dressed up twice this year, once as Wendy from Peter Pan (last minute costume, I found a long yellow nightgown at a vintage shop – et voila) and The Black Dalhia. I might still dress up again on Wednesday… πŸ™‚

    • says

      I love your enthusiasm for Halloween, Caity! πŸ™‚ I haven’t heard of the book you referenced but I was also fascinated by that 60 Minutes episode on sugar; I’m going to have to look for that book now.

  4. Rosa Elkins says

    I am looking forward to Thanksgiving the most. It is more about family than it is about food. This will be my first year to celebrate it without any turkey or meat. I am so looking forward to it. I love my family!!! Hoping they will love Vegan.

  5. Molly says

    Carrie, I know you must get a ton of messages from all over because quite simply, you are amazing! I have tears in my eye as I think about the impact your story has had on me! This information is so important to me as I am a sugar addict too. And your amazing story of how you’re kicking cancer in the bottom, well, suffice it to say I look forward to every new post. You are truly an inspiration to me and I’m so grateful I found you and your blog, Carrie. Please be assured of my continuing prayers for your complete and total healing! And I hope you have an amazing holiday season! My favorite is Christmas for a myriad of reasons but most importantly because I’m a believer in Jesus and I love to celebrate His birthday! ((((HUGS))))) ~ Molly

  6. Karen Harris says

    I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving where all the dishes that used to be “side dishes” are now the main course! ~ Karen

  7. Ginny says

    Morning Carrie,

    I don’t know if I’m addicted to sugar or not; I know I love sweets, but also feel like I can stop eating them if need be. Although, I’ve never tried to stop, so who the heck knows!

    I’m VERY MUCH looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. It’s the first one I’m hosting, and my first vegan Thanksgiving. My crowd will be small, and all the better since I’m kind of nervous about what I’m going to make, what I can hopefully make ahead of time, and that I can even pull it off on my own. I’ll have to recruit my hubby to help I think!

  8. Kelly DeJardin says

    I am most looking forward to Christmas. We will hopefully be hosting family and I am anxious to cook some really good vegan food to impress my in-laws. πŸ™‚

  9. Laura S. says

    Glad you are finding healthy ways to substitute your sugar cravings. I still allow myself some stevia here and there, and I do enjoy dark chocolate on occasion, but lately when I have eaten chocolate I’ve noticed the crash has been worse than I remember it, and it’s not a fun feeling! So that alone may be enough to deter me!

    Definitely Thanksgiving! I love how it’s an opportunity to celebrate family and friends without the hubbub that comes later in the season. Our extended family spends the whole day together and usually we play a ton of board games. Spending precious time together and having those family memories are things I really value. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is coming up on only 3 weeks away!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, Carrie!

  10. melissa says

    I’m most looking forward to Thanksgiving this year because I will spend the whole week with my youngest brother. Normally he comes to us for the holidays but this year we are going to him for that whole week!! I’m so excited to spend time on his turf and be able to cook him my meals (he loves my healthy lifestyle) and a plus is he has a Trader Joe’s in his area!! I can’t wait to get things I could only see on blogs!!

  11. says

    I’m looking forward to Christmas. My kids will hopefully all be home to join us and we’ll have settled in our new home. It’ll be different this year. A new state, a new home, a new diet . . . thankful it is family and relationships that make the holidays for me.
    I’ve been added sugars free, gluten free, yeast free, meat free, and dairy free for about 5 months now. It’s still a daily battle for me, but I feel so good (the best I’ve felt in years) that I’m highly motivated to stay the course.
    Thanks for letting me follow your journey. Our prayers and high hopes are with you!

  12. Sue Clough says

    Hi Carrie;
    I have just found your blog recently and love it..I find myself now checking it a few times a week. The holiday I look forward to most is Thanksgiving, where the focus can be on family and enjoying each other’s company as well as good whole foods.

  13. Dalores says

    I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving. I’ve never eaten turkey and some friends are amazed. I’m looking forward to my kids being home from college!

  14. Ceil says

    I enjoy reading about your journey; I find it inspiring. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving; it gives me a chance to bring different foods to family functions. Although the rest of my family eats a lot of SAD foods, they are more willing to try new and better foods…my mom loves kale now! So I plan to bring some freshly roasted pumpkins, just need to find a good, nutritious stuffing to go with.

  15. Linda says

    I always have loved Thanksgiving. It’s not about the food for me; it’s about being with family to give thanks for blessings received during the year WITHOUT the added distraction of gifts. I notice my grandsons, the 13-year-old in particular, is really giving some thought to all the goodness he has in his life. Saying “thank you” is important to him now. As grandparents, we are doing all we can to encourage this type of thought with the hope that those “thank you” feelings will surge at Christmastime as well. Carrie, my prayers are with you for a complete, uncomplicated recovery.

  16. Glenda Love says

    Although not a specific holiday, I’m looking forward to Dr Fuhrman’s 6 Week Holiday Challenge that usually begins Thanksgiving week through the end of December! Last year was my first year to participate and I learned so much and it really got me started on my vegan path (along with your blog, Carrie).

  17. says

    Hi Carrie! Thank you for posting on your struggle with sugar. So many people struggle with this, myself included. Thank you for offering us hope and a plan!! I’d really like to hear the whole story of how you began to overcome it to now. What did you do in the beginning to overcome it? That’s the hardest part to initially give it up! Maybe an idea for a future post. πŸ™‚

    I am looking forward to both Thanksgiving and Christmas–love them both so much!! Already busted out the Christmas music (yes, I’m one or those ;))

    • Christy says

      Yes, I second that! I’d like to hear more of the whole story about how you overcame the hard core sugar in the beginning and how severe was your addiction and for how many years???

    • says

      I’m glad I could share my story and that you are interested, Danae. I wrote a little bit more about my history of sugar addiction in today’s post. It’s been such a journey for me and I still don’t consider myself “cured” or anything, it’s more like it’s something I have under control and understand better. To be honest, it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with cancer before I really stated thinking about the direct impact of my food choices, especially when it comes to sugar.

  18. Aria says

    While its hard to pick jut one holiday, I’d say I’m most looking forward to thanksgiving. The colors, the crisp air, the food, togetherness, all of it. I love it all so deeply.

  19. says

    I am most looking forward to Christmas, though this will be my first nutritarian holiday season. I am a bit nervous about how to handle all the tempting goodies I know my relatives will be bringing to the party on Christmas and Christmas Eve. Whether I win the book or not, I may just buy it in order to have an arsenal of recipes to keep me sated through the holiday season.

  20. Meredith says

    I am so looking forward to Christmas! Mostly because this is my first Thanksgiving being vegan and I am not sure what I am going to eat with my family who is not vegan! This cookbook would be very helpful πŸ™‚ But both holidays are great because what is better than being around friends and family and celebrating together!

  21. says


    Good for you for tackling your sugar addiction! From reading your blog for awhile now, I know how much of a battle it’s been for you.

    I don’t have a sugar addiction per se (and never use any non-nutritive sweeteners), but I learned many months ago that I do best just not having any dates in the house, as I have a tendency to overeat in general. I noticed when I had dates in the pantry, I’d grab one (or two) to snack on once (or twice) throughout the day. I don’t use dates in my daily green smoothies or occassional sorbets, so there was just no need for the temptation. So out they went!

    I was especially intrigued and motivated when I then learned from you that Dr Fuhrman explained at this year’s Getaway that one serving of a date-sweetened dessert only contains one date. Most date-sweetened desserts- raw brownies, cookies, dough balls, etc- come out to more than that, so I now consider those desserts a rare indulgence and stick to just fresh fruit or blended fruit for my desserts.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing, Rebecca! Dates are hard for me, too, and I have to be very, very careful with them. At this point, I can have them in the house, but I reserve them to be used in date-sweetened desserts and I do not allow myself the habit of eating them straight. I agree, it was a huge wake-up call for me when Dr. F said that 1 date is a serving size, essentially. When I make date-sweetened desserts, I definitely use more than 1 per serving so that’s why I’ve stopped making the desserts so often.

  22. Terri says

    My favorite food holiday is Thanksgiving. This year will be a new challenge for me to create vegan dishes, but I am looking forward to it nonetheless. I am sure to be using some wonderful cranberries, butternut squash, and Brussel sprouts with some kind of apple dessert. Sounds like it’s already starting to come together.

  23. Beth says

    I’m looking forward the Christmas. I cook for my and my husbands family on this holiday and love making vegetarian food for all my non vegetarian family members and having them realize how delicoius it can be!

  24. Rachel says

    I am really looking forward to Hanukkah this year. I moved to California a little over a year ago and have not been back to visit my family since! I’ll be there over the holidays and i’m so excited to spend time with my family. I also can’t wait to impress them with delicious vegan dishes!

  25. Laura says

    I am most looking forward to the christmas holiday. It’s the one time of year that my family actually sees each other in real life, rather than just through facebook!

    I also have issues with sugar cravings. It’s hard to steer clear when it’s all around you, especially during the holidays! I try to keep fruit handy, but OH MAN does that pumpkin pie smell good!! Wishing you continuing success with your recovery πŸ˜€

  26. Suzanne says

    Hi Carrie,

    Glad to see you looking so well after surgery!

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. They haven’t managed to commercialize it (yet) and it is all about gathering with those you love to give thanks for the bounty in our lives. It is an American holiday that anyone from any background can celebrate in the way that they see fit.

  27. jill says

    Having had a sugar addiction my whole life I feel like I finally have it under control in my mid 50s. Took awhile to realize that so much as a beer or glass of wine can throw it off. I also believe that I am slightly hypoglycemiac so any kinds of sugar cause insomnia and mood changes. I think being vegan is the BEST over the holidays! So many veggie dishes to create!

  28. Jan says

    Carrie ~
    You are very insightful and are blessed to be able to recognize what makes you tick. I always take something away from your blog. Thank you!

    I am looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. It’s usually just the three of us, and it probably will be just two this year. It will be our second vegan year. I am looking forward to trying some new things. No stress at my house!

  29. Esperanza says

    I am looking forward to the New Year this year. I just see Christmas and Thanksgiving as eating holidays that I have to somehow negotiate. I have a sugar addiction also and really can’t eat anything that smacks of dessert. I am still using Stevia because I can’t give up my coffee in the morning. I am hoping it just falls by the way side. New Year’s is symbolic for a new way of eating for me. I have been playing around with Eat to Live since June. In the New Year after the 2012 Holiday Challenge, I am going to become mindful of my eating and those triggers that spark the pleasure cascade into eating sugar.

  30. says

    omg Carrie-I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten the sugar out of my life for months at a time, but the monster is always waiting there for me and gets me every freakin’ time. I don’t know what else to do at this point. I’m like at whit’s end, however you spell that! ha ha. But I try every day to do my absolute best. Some days are better than others.

    • says

      Oh yeah, that monster waits for me, too, and takes advantage of any moment of weakness. I pretty much cannot have anything sweet in the house, although this whole cancer thing has definitely made me think twice about putting sugar in my mouth (I can’t help but think, “sugar feeds cancer” whenever I sense the temptation). Still, I’m not perfect by any means so I just try to do my best each day.

  31. says

    Carrie, I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving. It’s the first year I’ll be spending it with my boyfriend (who’s parents died years ago). I am excited to cook for him and have him around my family to show what a great, memorable holiday really can be!

  32. says

    It is so hard for me to just pick one. I find that I get super excited as September rolls around and then pretty much from October through the beginning of January I am wholly involved in what the month brings – via decorations, activities, and of course FOOD. This will be my 3rd holiday season where the side dishes are my primary dishes and my family has been kind enough to ask me for ideas and I have offered to make some things. It’s wonderful to have family supporting me as well.

  33. says

    Well Carrie lets just call this my free therapy session. I am a mother of three who just recently became the mother of an “empty nest” So this holiday season will be the first in the last 25 years that I do not have any children at home. While it might seem ok, because we can all get together for the holidays no matter if they live with me or not, my youngest just left for boot camp in Great Lakes for the Navy. He is 19. My 22 year old moved out in May and my 25 year old moved out after college. Christmas used to be hands down my favorite holiday with Thanksgiving coming in second, this year we will be doing something different. While I used to prepare my food separately from the rest of the family, (I am the only vegan)this year we will be dining with my friends who are also vegan. They have invited us to their home so we don’t have to sulk in ours. Although I love all of my children equally this will be the hardest holiday season of my life I won’t be able to even communicate with him until basic training is over, which should be the Friday before Christmas (hopefully) but he won’t be able to come home :(. I just had a wonderful vegan dinner last night for my friend’s birthday, she is reciprocating with a Thanksgiving
    dinner. we always had a tradition to get up and watch the parade and then watch our favorite Christmas movies while preparing dinner, I don’t even want to be home this year, the emptiness will be so difficult. However, my friendships have never been more rewarding than they are now. We found each other just in time, that is what we tell each other all of the time. I would like to talk more, this is not the time , however. Thanks for the opportunity to try and win this wonderful item.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing, Lisa! I’m glad you have plans with friends for the holidays so you don’t have to be sad in your empty nest. I agree, friendships outside of family are so very, very important and I am grateful for my online friends equally as much as my offline friends.

  34. Ang says

    This might sound quirky, but we try to maintain a level of balance in our home regarding holidays. We have a lot of random parties (especially this time of year) to celebrate life with friends.
    Kudos to you on your amazing recovery. You look great!

  35. SusanC says

    I’m most interested in Christmas because I have a 2 year old and can’t wait to see his joy at the lights, snow, and decorations. I’d love this book because of the need to make healthy but yummy food for the little guy this season when candy/sugar abound!

  36. eliza says

    Definitely Thanksgiving! I love veganizing Thanksgiving favorites. My omnivore family has even come around and they love eating this way too!

  37. Laryssa says

    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway, Carrie! My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it’s a chance for me to share delicious vegan food with my family members, none of whom are vegan. I start looking for vegan Thanksgiving recipe ideas almost two months ahead just because I get so excited to share this aspect of my lifestyle with my family, who is mostly open-minded about the new foods. And why wouldn’t they be? It’s delicious!

  38. Alsynnia says

    I am looking forward to Thanksgiving, because this is the time to be with family and it will be my first Vegan Thanksgiving I plan on sharing some new dishes with my family!! Can’t wait!

  39. Andrea S says

    I am really looking forward to Christmas this year and all of the weeks leading up to it. I love the traditions that I get to share with my children, and the excitement as they prepare their lists and make decorations. My 7 year old is already searching for vegan cookie recipes so this would be perfect! Wonderful giveaway, and I’m so glad to see that you’re feeling better.

  40. Propagandy says

    I’m looking very forward to Thanksgiving this year. It will be our first without my father and its been a rough few years. His passing has truly made me realize how thankful I am to have the people in my life. I’m stoked to share the holiday and amazing food with all of them πŸ™‚

  41. Holly says

    Hi Carrie!
    My husband and I will be spending our first Thanksgiving as vegans. We both have always loved Thanksgiving and the food that came with it. This year I’m trying to find ways to entertain my in-laws, along with my husband, with food that’s vegan and delicious. My mother recently has been diagnosed with cancer, and I have been advocating a healthier diet for her. I found your blog after finding out my mother had cancer and recently transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Thank you for inspiring me.

  42. Alisa says

    Carrie, you look wonderful! You’ve come thru the surgery so well, so glad you don’t have to do the radiation!!! I did have to, when I walked into the hospital room EVERY thing that could be, was wrapped in Cling Wrap…even the toilet seat. It scared me so bad I had to have the radiologist explain how this wasn’t going to hurt me, but could hurt anything & anyone who came into my room without protection.

    I’m glad you shared your story…and about sugar addiction. I still have the problem, but trying to move in the right direction. I really enjoy your blog and it has helped me.

    My favorite holiday is New Years Day…my anniversary.

    Thanks for all you do, and your willingness to share your struggles….it helps others know they aren’t it it alone:) I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.

  43. Maggie says

    I am looking forward to Christmas. It’s definitely my favorite holiday! And this will be my first year of vegan holidays too!

  44. Adair Garrett says

    I would love to win that cookbook! I’m most excited about Thanksgiving, because not only is it my first as a vegan, but because I’m running my first half marathon ever on that day! I’m 13, but I’ll be cooking vegan gravy, white bean mashed potatoes, and vegan stuffing for the meal. Sooo excited!

  45. says

    I think I may have a little sugar thang going on. I am huge on date-sweetened only desserts, but when they live in my freezer I find myself going for them even when I am completely full and satisfied. My hubby asked me to make them less often for the same reason – we can’t stop ourselves!

    That wrap looking absolutely delicious with the avocado and carrots peaking through! Is it a rice paper wrap? Oh and I remember reading once how you go for Carob now vs.cocoa because it is stimulating and I SO experience that! We do cocoa (unsweetened) with banana, prunes, walnuts and nut milk for dessert and it is SO rich but I wonder if doing more carob would be helpful. I swear it affects my brain just like a cake would haha πŸ™‚

    PS: I added ground chia to my smoothie this morning, inspired by you!

    • says

      Ha ha, I like your comment about having a sugar “thang” going on. πŸ™‚ You might want to try carob instead of cocoa just to see how it affects you. The carob has the flavor of chocolate (although it takes a little adjusting to) but feels so much less addictive for me. Also, so happy you added the ground chia seeds to your smoothie, yay!

  46. Kari says

    Hi Carrie! This is KariξŒ…. I am glad to have you on my instagram! I have been Vegan for over 2 years now & I love to cook and bake vegan for friends , family and me  my all time favorite holiday to cook is Christmas. I usually make an awesome feast from a variety of my collection of cookbooks to feed a vegan army! I hope I win!!! Thanks for having a wonderful blog πŸ™‚

  47. Kristie Rice says

    I’ve been following you on Instagram for so long and never realized you had a blog! πŸ™

    Anywho, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving because my little brother comes home from school and I miss him tons! I love when the family is all together! Also, while I’m not vegan or vegetarian, I really try to incorporate more plant based foods in my diet and holiday dinners are perfect for getting them in my family’s diet. πŸ™‚

  48. Kim says

    I had kicked the sugar addiction in the butt! It has since come back (with a vengeance!) with the recent stress of moving to another country. Lots of life changes… yikes! Anyway, I’m back on track to eating more reasonable portions and eating less sweets. I generally have to abstain from them completely for about 3-4 weeks and then can have them once in awhile. I find I eat them more when I am stressed or emotional. I try to remind myself the path to health is a journey and there are times when I am not where I want to be, but always have something to strive for and pursue some goals =)
    Seeing your posts have given me the motivation to get back on track.
    You rock!

    • says

      Sounds like you have a really healthy attitude, Kim, and I’m glad you’re getting back to a place you’re more comfortable with. You rock, too!!! πŸ™‚

  49. Lilly says

    I am looking forward to Christmas this year ~ because I am going to try some holiday ETL baking or pudding making – something treaty. I love mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes and all the savory flavors of autumn/winter. Looking forward to mashed yams with pineapple, orange, lemon and pumpkin pie spice, lentil loaf with mushroom gravy, roasted beet and walnut salad, etc.

  50. Lindy-Lou Bath says

    My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas!! and in America. Being a South African, (southern hemisphere and hot) we have never experienced a white Christmas and now that we live here in Chicago we are living a dream by having had a white Christmas for the past four years. I can never get tired of the wonder and beauty of Christmas in Chicago. I only became a devoted vegan two years ago and now it will be great to have this book to really inspire me and make our Christmas even more special.
    Kind wishes

  51. says

    I am most looking forward to Thanksgiving. It’s the second vegan Thanksgiving for us, and we don’t even miss the bird! We’ve come a long way in the past year – transitioning to more whole foods than processed.

  52. Ada says

    Hi Carrie!
    I can read through your blog that you are feeling so much better, and that the positive energy exudes! Yay!

    This will be the first year that half our family will not be eating turkey! We are really looking forward to creating and enjoying some dishes of our forefathers. We will all be together at Christmas, so that is the holiday I am most looking forward to. My oldest daughter and her boyfriend will be coming to Denver from Seattle for Christmas, so that is extra special!

  53. Kim Dias says

    Hi Carrie! I’m eagerly awaiting Christmas, my absolute favorite holiday of the year – it’d been even more fun if a copy of Zel’s Vegan for the Holidays arrived as an early Christmas gift πŸ™‚

  54. Jonna Green says


    I am most looking forward to all the cooking and baking I do for Christmas since we host 2 dinners at our house, however, I love all holidays and am looking forward to them all!


  55. amy an says

    I find chocolate as a bar does not taste good anymore, it is too oily or something, does not have a good mouth feel to me. I do still want to eat rich desserts though I abstain most of the time.

    I most look forward to thanksgiving because it was one holiday my mom hosted lots of family and those memories are so nice. I am lucky because my husband, from another country, has not emotional attachment to turkey and actually does not like the taste

  56. Jennifer Ott says

    This will be our first year of vegan holidays, so I am looking forward to kicking things off with Thanksgiving. My four kids (8, 6, 4, and 1) are wondering WHAT we will eat instead of turkey… I am still wondering myself since I haven’t made any plans yet! Thanks for the chance for what looks to be an amazing book!

  57. says

    Thanksgiving is always my favourite holiday and this year as last year we get to combine it with a birthday party for my older daughter since we’ll have a bunch of family together!

  58. Kathy says

    I look forward to Thanksgiving the most. Family is all together and it is usually pretty relaxed. My daughter and I are the only vegans but the rest of the family have finally accepted it.

  59. Alexandra says

    Carrie, that is huge with the sugar addiction, wow! I often wonder what causes my insane cravings and I am also starting to think it’s mostly added sugars! We’ll see…i’m starting the crazy sexy diet 21 day cleanse.
    I am most excited for Christmas! I am going to Germany to spend it with my family, which I haven’t done in 5 years! So excited for a white christmas, while christmas on the beach in SoCal is nice.

    • says

      I LOVE the Crazy Sexy 21 day cleanse, only thing that felt wrong about it was that I didn’t carry on after I did it!! I hope you enjoy it and feel heaps of energy (after the initial detox symptoms…). Kris Carr is a genius, and someone well worth listening to. Glad to be back on the wagon now and I have every intention of staying on πŸ™‚ Good luck to you and enjoy your German Christmas. All I can remember is the GlΓΌhwein and the Weinachtsmarkt (excuse the terrible spelling attempts!)

  60. says

    Oh my goodness Carrie, look at all these people that love and read your blog!! I have to admit, I love too. A friend of mine recommended it to me as I had cancer a couple years ago and now I am a Vegan and loving it (one month young!). I feel in charge and on top for the first time since my diagnosis. Wish I gone with my gut much earlier and changed my plate πŸ™‚ My favorite holiday is definitely Thanksgiving, any excuse to give thanks for our blessings and our family. Take care and keep up the awesome blog. xo

    • says

      Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog, Kristin. I am completely blown away by how many people responded to this post; I had no idea I had no many readers and I am so grateful! I’m so happy to hear from another cancer survivor AND a vegan no less. Yay!!! Xoxo back to you. πŸ™‚

  61. Nanette Stearns says

    I’m looking forward to creating a vegan/Eat to Live feast for Thanksgiving for a few of my closest friends (who have also adopted healthier eating strategies). Usually we have a huge post-Thanksgiving feast but this year we’re trying something different.

  62. Melissa says

    I’m most looking forward to Christmas because I have two cute little nephews. They get so excited for the presents! It’s adorable.

  63. says

    Beautiful pics of Cali, I’ll take that over looking at corn fields any day!

    I always look forward to Christmas Eve the most and spending the night watching holiday movies or listening to holiday music and drinking vegan hot chocolate! Think this year I might just have to add some vegan marshmallows too for a special treat!

  64. says

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I am very much looking to it this year. We all have so much to be thankful for. What a wonderful day to gather with people we cherish and rejoice in the simple pleasures of life…great food that adds life to our physical being and great love and gratefulness realized and expressed that nourishes our souls.


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