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Happy hump day! Thank you so much for everyone’s very supportive blog comments, e-mails, Tweets and Facebook notes in regards to my post on Monday about being diagnosed with PCOS. I (obviously) realize that by publishing a personal story like that I will get feedback, but sometimes it just feels like writing in a journal and I don’t really know if or what kind of response I will get. So, thank you, thank you, thank you! I suppose that by sharing my story with you, then I was hoping to feel supported and that’s exactly how I feel now. I’m also feeling very encouraged to do even more reading and research on how to best manage my condition.

For any other women doing research on PCOS and a vegan diet, so far I have come up with nothing but good reports on how healthy, plant-based diets are good for moderating not only hormones, but some of the risk factors like diabetes and cardiovascular disease related to this condition. I mean, jeez, what doesn’t a vegan diet cure, prevent or reverse?!? 🙂

——>To answer that very question: have you seen Dr. Greger’s presentation on “Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death”? It’s spectacular and you can watch it for free by following this link or below. Dr. Greger is quickly catching up to Dr. Fuhrman as my hero, outside of my husband, of course (had to say that so he doesn’t get jealous, ha ha). But seriously, watch it and let me know what you think. It is mind-blowing that we have the cure for nearly every one of the top leading causes of death right before us in our produce aisles, farmers’ markets, home gardens, etc. Powerful, powerful stuff.

Now back to me. As proof of how a vegan diet has helped reduce my risk factors for heart disease, I thought I would just list my numbers from my cholesterol screening from 2010 (pre-vegan) to 2012 (nearly 2 years of being a healthy vegan). Here goes:

Editor’s note: Some of you have written to me saying you can’t see the table I pasted above, so here is a list of my numbers.

2010: Cholesterol 217, Triglycerides 91, LDL (bad cholesterol) 92

2012: Cholesterol 165, Triglycerides 47, LDL (bad cholesterol) 79

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. You can see my risk factors for heart disease are significantly diminished. Yay!

Before I go, I just wanted to post some pictures from the last few days of eating. Combined with wanting to eat really cleanly and it being so hot outside, I’m focusing on salads and fresh fruits. This one I had for lunch on Monday took forever to chew:

I served it with some fresh watermelon from the FM:

For breakfast yesterday, I made a green smoothie using fresh nectarines, almond milk, frozen blackberries and frozen broccoli:

Lunch was a kale salad (pre-massaged):

I dressed it up with some chopped onions, kidney beans and 3 sprouted corn tortillas:

Dessert was a cantaloupe that was so sweet I ended up eating the whole thing:

Besides working on my app and my Medical Terminology course, I’ve also been playing with my dehydrator. My sister-in-law brought me these garden fresh tomatoes this weekend:

I’m actually not a huge fan of fresh tomatoes (they taste too acidic to me), so I dried them a la Nutridude’s blog post seen here. I chopped them into smallish chunks:

24 hours later, they needed more drying, but I tasted one and it was unbelievably sweet!

It was 111 degrees in Palm Springs yesterday and humid, so I’m starting to feel like one of these dried tomatoes. Once they finish drying, though, I plan to refrigerate them and use them in soups once it cools down. For now, stay cool wherever you are and I’ll see you back here on Friday!



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    That is fantastic news! And good for you! My husband suffers from high blood pressure, and we hope that will change dramatically, but as you know, we are only 10 days into the Six-Week-Plan by Dr. Fuhrman, we can already see a little improvement 🙂 Have a fantastic day! The tomatoes look yummy…

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      Hi Oly! I didn’t mention in this post, but my husband recovered from high blood pressure following Dr. Fuhrman’s plan. It only took about 2 months for him to be free of his medication, but make sure you tell your doctor about the change in diet so he doesn’t become overmedicated, if he is taking medication now. Good luck!!!

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    Oh my… homemade sundried tomatoes are probably one of my favorite foods! I like to dry them so they are still soft (cut length-wise, in circles) and then I either eat them as is or a make an amazing raw tomato sauce with sundried red pepper and fresh herbs! I also find that many fresh tomatos are too acidic. Have you tried heirloom tomatoes? They usually have a really nice non-acidic flavor. I also like roma; they are not as acidic. I like that you put broccoli in your smoothie! I have been having “cauliflower cereal” for breakfast! I will post a picture in my next post!

  3. Laura S. says

    Thanks for sharing Dr. Greger’s link…looking forward to checking it out.

    “I mean, jeez, what doesn’t a vegan diet cure, prevent or reverse?!?”
    AMEN sister!!

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    The power of plants is amazing. My personal anecdote:

    As a child and up through age 25, I was a lover of bananas and banana sandwiches. Abruptly I discovered that I could no longer tolerate them. The smallest amount of raw banana would cause abdominal cramping and nausea which would occur a few minutes after consumption and last for 2-3 hours. For the last 30 years, I have avoided banana consumption to avoid the certain consequences. From time to time, I would try a small amount hoping that the condition had resolved. I was always disappointed. I have later come to discover that I have either a banana allergy (chitinase) or banana intolerance (serotonin).

    Since January of this year, I have been eating in accord with the the guidelines in Dr Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live”. I have lost about 50 pounds. Aftert reading Dr. Fuhrman’s “Super Immunity”, I got the crazy idea that maybe my new diet might have an affect on my banana problem. Satarting yesterday, I have been consuming ever larger quantities of banana. 4 hours ago I consumed an entire banana and have experienced no symptoms whatsoever. I am ecstatic! I am convinced that the problem all along was related to an “out of whack” immune response.

    That banana was really good. So long . . . I have a a few smoothies to make.

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      Hi Gary,

      Oh my goodness, what a great story!!! Congrats on your amazing weight loss success so far, that is truly incredible and you should be so proud of yourself. I can imagine how excited you must be to eat bananas again. Since it’s been so long since you ate them, you might not be aware of a really popular recipes which is to freeze bananas and then put them in a food processor. You can add other things like some peanut butter or whatever you want, but try processing the bananas for about 3-4 minutes and they will turn into a soft serve consistency that is out of this world. Enjoy your newfound banana freedom!!! 🙂

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    Congratulations on your health improvements. It’s fantastic to see a healthy vegan diet being promoted in such a positive way. It’s very inspiring and I love your very healthy food. I’m much more motivated by a healthy salad than an unhealthy treat now, so thank you!

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    Beautiful pics of all the great nutritious meals you have been eating, keep up the good work. When I try to explain to people about nutritarianism, I feel like I get the “you’re crazy” look all the time but there’s no arguing with numbers like that!

    BTW, I read your post during lunch today while eating my big salad and let’s just say, you made my day! Thanks 🙂

  7. Renee says


    Is it just my computer??…….I don’t see your numbers that you said you were going to post. But, congrats anyway. By the way, I love your blog! Maybe I will meet you at the Getaway, as I am attending also.

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      Great, Renee, I look forward to meeting you!!! Also, I updated the post so the numbers can be read, not sure what happened with the table. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

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    Carrie – I get it! I switched to a plant-based raw food diet and within 6 months my cholesterol went from 239 (while taking the highest dose of Lipitor) to 155 without any prescription medication. I was so amazed! If only when the doctor had told me years ago (when I started taking Lipitor for the rest of my life – ha!) that I needed to control my high cholesterol with diet and exercise. Sure wish my doctor had been a whole heck-of-a-lot more specific.

  9. Sue says

    Carrie, Can you post the sauce with the kale? I just recently learned about massaged Kale but couldn’t figure out a recipe that was ETL. Thanks!

  10. says

    Hi Carrie-
    Thank you again for sharing your PCOS story and how your diet is beneficial to lessening/controling/etc. the symptoms. I look forward to hearing more about this specifically as you journey to wellness!

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