Cinnamon Chickpea Crispies & Giveaway Winner

Wow, I had so many entries for the giveaway of the Main Street Vegan book!!! I will announce the winner at the end of this post, but I wanted to share some of your comments to the question about “something vegan you are going to do or eat this summer.” You all have such delicious sounding plans!

Lilly said:

“I used to love cold 3 bean salad – the kind with kidney, garbanzo, green beans, wax beans, onion, bell pepper, vinegar, sugar and spices. So, I’m going to try to make it ETL – without sugar – so experimenting to get some of that sweet with dates, date sugar or balsamic vinegar or beets. I don’t really know, but that’s a goal for this summer – Make ETL friendly 3 bean salad.”

Aria said:

“This summer we are headed to Animal Acres to teach our kids about the animals that we DON’T eat in our family!”

Laura said:

“I’m going to Alaska this summer on a trekking/camping trip and they said they it would be no problem to accommodate a vegan so I hope I don’t starve! Haha. Actually I am planning on bringing lots of shelf-stable snacks…maybe even your Traveling Oat Cookies! Yum!”

Abigail said:

“In the colder months, I can’t ingest anything cold like smoothies and ice cream because then I freeze my butt off. Now that it’s summer, I am having those every single day and loving life for it! My favorite is chocolate cherry ice cream, made with frozen cherries, a frozen banana, cocoa powder and a little non-dairy milk. Add more milk and you get a chocolate cherry smoothie. : ) SO divinely delicious.”

Jenny said:

“This summer, I plan on making vegan coconut milk ice cream with fresh strawberries!”

There were many, many other amazing comments, you can read them all here.

I wanted to share this recipe with you for Cinnamon Chickpea Crispies that I learned about on the Dr. Fuhrman section of the Dr. Oz show this week (here’s the link to the segment when the three women, including Jasmin of Our Hen House, talked about some healthy recipes). The recipe featured on the show was for Italian Chickpea Popcorn, but I made a slightly different version.

I started with one can of garbanzo beans (also called chickpeas) that I drained, rinsed and put in a medium bowl. I then poured some coconut oil over them along with some cinnamon and dried herbs:

I then poured them onto a baking sheet and cooked them for 45 minutes at 350 degrees:

“Popcorn” is a pretty good description of the final product, they get really crunchy and delicate. I decided to call my version Chickpea Crispies.

Here is the recipe:

You’ll notice I did add more oil than the recipe discussed on the Dr. Oz show and I also added a small amount of salt, but overall it’s health-promoting and certainly a better choice than chips or something fried. I will be making these again!

Okay, now for what you’ve all been waiting for, the winner of the giveaway!

The random number generator selected comment #47 which was Nicole. Nicole’s comment was:

“I want to use my juicer more. I’ve already started this goal by making green lemonade. Can’t wait to try your recipe!”

Congrats, Nicole and enjoy your book!

Speaking of the Dr. Oz show, did you catch Dr. Fuhrman’s segment when it aired on Monday? If not, you can see part 1 here and part 2 here. It was interesting, to say the least. I was surprised that Dr. Fuhrman’s plan was touted as a “crash diet,” but I can understand why the editors decided to go that route. If their watcher is interested in dieting, then that’s what they are going to show. My only hope is that more people understand that Dr. Fuhrman’s plan is so much more than just a way to lose weight, to me it is more about preventing and reversing disease.


Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!


  1. Gina says

    Carrie, the Cinnamon Chickpea Crispies look awesome and I might just make these tonight since I have a batch of freshly cooked chickpeas I made just last night. I make a similar item using chickpeas that I coat in jerk seasoning. I don’t use any oil and they come out great. I just make my chickpeas (or use canned if I’m out of raw) and after I drain/rinse them, I toss them on a baking sheet, sprinkle liberally with jerk seasoning and then use my hand to roll them around to coat them. The leftover water on them from rinsing makes the jerk seasoning stick to them and then I roast them at 375 for about 1 hour to 90 minutes, checking them about every 20 minutes and shaking the pan to get the chickpeas to roll around and loosen from each other and from the bottom of the pan. I LOVE them as a snack and I also use them as croutons in my salads. SO good! Thanks for the cinnamon idea…I’m definitely going to try making these! Have an awesome weekend!

    • says

      Hi Gina! Thanks for the heads up that the oil is not a necessity. I wasn’t sure. I noticed you cook them at a hotter temp and for longer than I did…do they get burned at all? Have a great weekend, too!!! :)

      • Gina says

        I burned them once, but that’s why I check them about every 20 minutes and shake the pan a few times. Sometimes I spin the pan around in the oven too, just to get even browning all the way around each edge of the pan. Mine do get a little browner than the ones in your picture, and I would venture to say the temperature you used along with the oil allows them to get crunchy faster. With mine, I cook them longer to dry the moisture out of them. Hope that helps! I’ve just experimented until I found the right length of time for that temperature and as long as I’m checking them, I just take them out as soon as I think they’ve hit that lovely golden brown color and crunch! :)

        • says

          Hi Gena, I bet you’re right, mine cooked faster because of the oil. I’m glad you pointed that out, otherwise I might have been disappointed trying them without oil. I am definitely going to try it that way next time, though. Thanks for the awesome tip!!!

  2. says

    I am excited to watch these clips of Dr. Fuhrman. I was inspired to read his book because of you and I love his entire philosophy on food – particularly around eating fat from whole food sources rather than using oils. It is always interesting to me the way the media spins veganism. BTW I love these chickpeas! I’ve made some roasted ones before, but I will have to try it with the addition of cinnamon. Yum! :)

    • says

      Thanks Sonnet! I hope these clips don’t tarnish your image of Dr. F; his message was so skewed on this show. Let me know what you think…

  3. says

    I couldn’t agree more about focusing on prevention. There is so much emphasis placed on treatments and medications, wish there was equally as much time, effort and money placed on preventing diseases and living a healthy lifestyle.

    • says

      Hi NutriWife! Agreed; our world would be a much different place if even a fraction of the money and effort spent on disease management was devoted to prevention. I am fearful about the future health of our country and the world!

    • says

      Hi Cheryl! No-salt seasoning is the generic name for a mixture of dried herbs and spices that has no salt added to it. I buy one at Costco called “Organic No-Salt Seasoning,” but other versions are widely available. I add it to all types of dishes without having to worry about any added salt.


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