Quick Collard Wraps & Blogging Schedule

I made these collard wraps last night that I am in love with! I can’t wait to share the recipe with you, but first wanted to make a comment on my blogging schedule. You may have noticed that I’ve been having some trouble keeping up with the 6x weekly posts that I did for most of this spring. I want to provide you with consistent, quality posts, so I’m starting to think that a 3x weekly schedule (Mon/Wed/Fri) might be more realistic for me and provide me plenty of opportunity to respond to the awesome comments and e-mails that we exchange. At least for a couple of weeks going forward, I am going to go with that. You won’t be missing much of my food intake considering that I really only cook every other day and eat leftovers on the non-cooking days. How does that sound?

By the way, in case you’re interested, I took a photo of the “Southern California headquarters” of Carrie on Vegan to share with you. Here’s my desk and laptop where I write my blog posts (desk, lamp and accessories by Ikea, chair by Office Depot, computer by Apple):

I try to keep my desk fairly clutter-free, but somehow always manage to pile up reminder notes or various papers or books. Oh well, that’s life! One more thing before we get to the food…

I had the opportunity to interview Michael Greger, M.D. for the Our Hen House website recently. Talk about a fantastic experience, Dr. Greger is brilliantly funny, charming and just plain nice. We did a written interview that is now posted here, and I’m still pinching myself that I was able to connect with him (what I am trying to say is that I may or may not have a celebrity crush on this man, ha ha). If you don’t know who Dr. Greger is, he’s the mastermind behind the NutritionFacts.org website that provides hundreds of free, easy-to-absorb nutrition videos on all types of topics such as which foods have the most antioxidants to whether or not coffee is healthy. One of the coolest parts of my interview? Dr. Greger is donating a complete set of the DVDs from the site to one lucky winner. The giveaway ends on Monday, May 28th, so don’t miss your chance to read the interview and put your name in the hat to win this really fantastic prize!

In my interview with Dr. Greger, he mentions that one of his favorite easy meals is to wrap “some steamed collard green leaves ‘cigarello’ style around canned refried beans and jarred salsa (with some adobe-sauce sautéed onions and mushrooms if I have the time).” He inspired me to make a version of this myself.

I started with these ingredients (for two people): three large collard leaves that I de-stemmed, onion, garlic, dehydrated mushrooms and fresh mint leaves:

I also used some chopped tomatoes, some cooked rice and beans and a touch of almond butter (for exact measurements, see recipe below):

To make the sauce, I started by water-sauteeing the onions and then adding the mushrooms to re-hydrate:

The next step was to add the garlic, tomatoes,rice and beans:

A few minutes later when all of the ingredients were hot, I stirred in the mint and almond butter and set the pot aside:

To prepare the collard leaves, I just blanched them in boiling water for about 30 seconds:

I then poured the contents of the pot into a colander and rinsed the greens with cold water to stop them from cooking. The last step was to lay them onto a board, blot them dry and put some of the sauce onto each leaf:

I wrapped them up and served some extra sauce on top. These were soooo good!

The almond butter in the tomato sauce provided richness that otherwise might have been missing. The beans and rice gave it enough heft to qualify for dinner. This recipe is mildly reminiscent of my Baked Lentil Collard Wraps that I made last year for Thanksgiving, but I like this version much better!

Collard leaves are so incredibly healthy and it amazes me how tender they become after a quick bath in boiling water. I really want to start using these more often in my cooking, I am imagining all types of possibilities.

Remember when I said I wanted to start making green juice more often? Look what happened…my juicer broke!!!

Not to worry, I e-mailed the people at Omega and they are going to send me a new part (yay for warranties!). That is the biggest drama I have to tell you about. Here’s wishing you a drama-free day and I’ll see you back here on Friday!


  1. Robyn :) says

    I bought some collard greens for an ETL recipe and should have enough left to try this.

    I noticed you had wild rice. I bought some from the bin at Whole Foods but am not really sure how to cook it. I know how to make minute rice, but not anything else. How much water per rice and how long is the cooking time??

    Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks :)

    • says

      Hi Robyn! Wow, you are very observant. I did mix wild rice with my brown rice in this mix. I don’t cook wild rice any differently from brown rice, I just throw them both in my rice cooker and let it go (takes about 45 minutes). I do rinse both of them first before cooking them. I think it’s about 3 cups of water to 1 cup of rice. Yes, see you soon!

  2. Robyn :) says

    Okay, I had to tell you this, too… I bought a Blend-tec!! Dirt cheap, too. Well, not that cheap, but it is refurbished and considerably less than a new one. I am excited to be able to try more recipes, expecially nut based sauces!!

  3. says

    This recipe is simply fantastic! Looks so hearty from the filling but light at the same time because you used collard wraps.

    Good thinking on your blogging schedule. I’ve transistioned to a “every other day” posting routine- I was doing almost everyday for a while but it’s exhausting and I’d rather have high quality posts that a high quantity :o). You just have to do what’s right for you!

    Poor juicer :(

    • says

      Thanks Gabby! I LOVE your blog and admire what you do so I’m happy I’m not the only who can’t keep up with a daily schedule. It’s so much work! I love it, but it takes a ton of time. Truly a labor of love…

      • says

        Ahhhh you read my blog?? I just did a little happy dance :) I really love your blog as well, and clearly I love your food so that just made my day!

        • says

          Hi Gabby! I was inspired by your awesome post on soaking grains recently. I think we have a lot in common when it comes to food and health, a lot of what you write resonates and inspires me. Hugs, Carrie

  4. Laura S. says

    Do whatever you need to do to keep yourself healthy and sane, Carrie :-) I give bloggers a TON of credit for finding the time, energy, and creativity to come up with new posts on a regular basis but you do a fantastic job on all fronts!

    P.S. Is the mint flavor strong in this recipe? I am not a huge fan of mint in savory foods(just with chocolate!) so I’m wondering if I could sub something else. Mexican spice maybe? Nice idea to add almond butter!

    • says

      Thanks Laura, your comments are so encouraging. :) In regards to the mint in my recipe, I think it gives the dish a Moroccan-esque flavor, but you could definitely substitute another herb or spice. I would personally substitute with cilantro since the recipe uses beans and rice and that would give it a Mexican flair. Let me know if you make it and how it turns out with your changes.

  5. Elisabeth says

    Dr. Greger is the bomb! I especially admire him as the only healthy food-promoting person out there who hasn’t become a brand. For me, this gives him the most credibility. He’s funny, smart, compassionate and unique. What a mensch! I’ve learned so much from his videos.

  6. says

    I was in a VegNews Twitter chat with Dr. Greger some time ago, and he mentioned that collard wraps of this kind were a favorite of his. It sounded delicious at the time, and it still does! I love your rendition.

    • says

      Thanks Gena! I remember that Twitter chat, it was awesome. For some reason, I must have missed Dr. G’s mention of collard wraps then, but I’m so glad he inspired me to try them, they are yum. :)

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