Days Off & Pea Shoot Soup

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! You would think that since I have these two weeks off from classes that I would be whipping up all kinds of wonderful things in the kitchen, but I found myself these past several days getting out of my normal routine. I had a pile of miscellaneous to-do tasks to take care of and also find myself enjoying being away from the computer temporarily. Yesterday, I went for a short hike and couldn’t get over how beautiful of a day it was here in California:

Alan took this picture of me using Hipstamatic and even captured a butterfly in the shot (see it to the right of me in the photo?):

I have a thing for butterflies, I have loved them ever since I was little. Well, who doesn’t, really? I also went to a farmers’ market that I don’t normally visit and found all kinds of new, yummy ingredients. Spring produce is here, that’s for sure. My kitchen counter has been taken over by hydroponic greens and basil:

I also bought some pea shoots that I decided to make into a quick and easy soup last night for dinner. I rinsed them really well before putting them in the Vitamix:

Then, I added some of the other fresh produce including asparagus, romaine and basil. I took a tip from Chef AJ and added avocado and almond butter to make it creamy. Plus, I used some homemade hemp milk as the soup base.

A blend on high for less than a minute and it was quickly transformed:

As the final step, I heated the soup very gently on the stovetop to get rid of the overly-raw flavor and to make it more soup-like. Talk about refreshingly simple! This soup is an excellent way to use up fresh produce, not to mention incredibly healthy. If you want it to be even more filling, you can add some cooked beans and serve it over rice (that’s what I did). Here’s what it looked like:

Alan and I had this for dinner last night before going to a Cinco de Mayo party in our neighborhood. It was a formal event and I waited too long to ask about a vegan or vegetarian option, so the organizers could not assure me that there would be options available for us. But, it was no problem to eat beforehand and it eliminated the issue I normally have of overeating at parties. And, quite frankly, since I knew I wouldn’t be eating at the party, it simply became a social gathering which was actually more fun than worrying about food. It was a lesson to me in the future though, so be a better planner when it comes to what I can eat at formal events.

Did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo and how do you handle the food issue at non-vegan events?

Have a great rest of your weekend!




  1. bitt says

    Overly raw flavor, lol. I agree a little heat makes it more soup-like, otherwise it feels weird to me to eat with a spoon.

    I also sometimes just skip the food part of an event, especially with multiple allergies it’s just to easy for someone to screw it up. We have an event coming up and I will be eating before hand too. I don’t want to worry about the food, I’m not going for that.

    • says

      Hi Bitt! I agree, it’s often just easier to ignore the food at these types of events and focus on the people. It’s not like I can’t make something really fast at home and then I don’t have to worry about it! Also, I feel awkward sometimes asking people to make something just for me. Since I’m avoiding gluten as well as animal products and oils and sugars, I start to feel a little like high-maintenance. 🙂

      • bitt says

        yes, although some times you really do need to eat elsewhere, and at that point you have to decide if it’s just a “being healthy” thing or a really allergy or something that will make you sick. for example my husband doesn’t eat garlic but it doesn’t make him very sick right away, just overall feels better without it so he won’t go lengths to ask restaurants or special events coordinators to avoid this. in contrast I will get violently ill if I eat gluten. when you do this sort of stuff long term it gets hard and can be isolating to always not participate.

  2. Robyn :) says

    I celebrated Cinco de Mayo by eating Chinese food lol. They deliver and the Mexican places did not. Plus it was somewhat healthier. I was sick and not in the mood to make anything. Luckily I resisted ordering pizza!

  3. Charlie says

    Non-vegan events: All extended family gatherings. My mom is great and she tries really hard, but here’s an example. A few weeks ago we went to a family gathering and my mom fixed a veggie dish just because of me. It looked awesome.

    Me: “Mom, this looks great! What’s in it?”
    Mom: “Oh, I was so careful! All I added was 1/2 cup of no fat mayo and 1/2 cup of no fat sour cream, plus spices and veggies…”
    Me: “Mom….you know I’m not eating dairy right now.”
    Mom: “Oh I know honey, that’s why i was so careful!”
    Me: “Okay, Thanks Mom…..(yes i ate some)”

    I love my (larger) family, and although we have had extended discussions about my diet changes, many of them still do not quite understand. This is okay, just so long as you know the pitfalls!

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