Ginger In-A-Snap Kale Salad & How to Survive a Busy Day

Happy Friday, friends! This week was unusually busy for me with so many deadlines and projects in the works. I’m taking a lesson from yoga and just trying to remember to breathe and enjoy the journey. One of my yoga instructors said recently to “let go of tasks that don’t serve you.” I’m taking this advice in all forms, from not worrying about the cat hair around the house (because it doesn’t matter if I can’t vacuum until tomorrow instead of today) to not worrying because I don’t finish an assignment early in my usual form, but I get it in just before the deadline instead. It’s not my usual fashion to not do things when I want to do them, but that’s life and it doesn’t make sense to worry about it. Do you agree?

I did manage to get to my Toastmaster’s meeting yesterday; it is one of my priorities that is definitely serving me. I love getting the experience in public speaking, I need it so badly. So far, I have done speeches on the health benefits of a plant-based diet, one about factory farming and I’m planning one on how “Obamacare” will benefit the health of women. Do you like my topics? I am not shying away from the issues! So far, I’ve had polite mixed reception from the group, ranging from blank stares to real interest to one guy who fell asleep. It’s a great way for me to test my approach on sharing my point of view on veganism and my overall liberalism. I am starting to understand that I don’t necessarily want or need to change people’s opinions, but I do enjoy making my voice heard in a factual, considerate way. That’s what I try to do on my blog here, too, so thanks for reading and interacting with me in the comments! I respect and crave your advice, thoughts and input.

I also made it to Costco yesterday for some shopping basics including organic spinach and romaine, kiwi, papaya, limes, avocados, bananas (3 bunches!) and some other random what-nots. I bought this for the first time, too!

Why yes, that would be a 10 pound-bag of dried pinto beans. I just noticed that they are “pre-washed and triple cleaned” which makes my life even easier. Can you say rice and beans with kale on top? The best healthy, vegan meal ever. And, now that I’m cooking beans in the pressure cooker, it couldn’t be any easier to make them, although I always have canned beans in the pantry, too, for when I really have no time to cook.

Speaking of healthy and vegan, I had the task of making a quick lunch for the Toastmasters meeting yesterday. I devised this incredibly easy salad that I’m calling “Ginger In-A-Snap” Salad. It’s tangy and creamy and makes a lunch served over brown rice:

As I mention in the recipe, I let my salad marinate overnight and then I just served it over rice when I was getting my lunch ready to take with me to the meeting. I also grabbed a pear and one of the small Larabars that I still have from my trip to Vida Vegan Con:

It was a great satisfying lunch, although I’m not sure if everyone at the meeting liked smelling my ginger-garlic salad – too bad for them! Hope everyone has a great Friday full of small victories, joy and meaning wherever we can find it.

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  1. Paula says

    I did ToastMasters when I worked at a publishing company. It really was a good experience for someone who is as shy as I am. I am not sure how I feel about Obamacare since this program states that mammograms as unnecessary until the age of 50. Something I disagree with as experiencing loss of loved ones due to this often fatal disease. (Which is one of the reasons why I have been so interested in Eat To Live) I am so glad you’re so willing to answer all my questions concerning this. Keep the recipes coming. I am looking forward to ones that do not contain nut butters.

    • says

      Hi Paula! It’s nice to hear from someone else who did Toastmasters, I am really enjoying it so far, although I get really nervous every time I do a speech! I hope it will get easier with time. As far as the mammogram issue, I was under the impression that they will be covered starting at age 40? That’s what the research said that I came across. The Affordable Care Act is taking recommendations from an advisory board that sets all preventive care guidelines. Thanks for your kind words on my recipes. I didn’t realize you don’t consume nuts? That would be tough, I’m sure you’ve noticed I do use a lot of nuts in my recipes. For awhile when I was having allergy symptoms, I often had to substitute seeds because they tend to be less allergenic. Have a great rest of your weekend!

      • Paula says

        Hi Carrie. I just had to tell you I bought the book. No guarantee that will stop the questions! As for mammograms, it is/was 40, but now unless it is deemed necessary, they want to move the age from 40 to 50. But with a better diet, I might get lucky enough to dodge that bullet. Looking forward to more recipe ideas and great posts from you.

        • says

          Hi Paula, thanks for the clarification. I think the best way to dealing with breast cancer risk (or the risk of any disease for that matter) is to do the best we can with prevention. As Dr. Fuhrman has said, it’s much easier to prevent a house fire than to put it out. If you put 100% of your efforts into preventing disease in the first place, then your efforts will be well-spent. Thanks for your great comments.

  2. says

    Hi Carrie,

    I recently started on the Eat to Live program after completing a 5 day juice fast (documented on my blog…shameless self promotion). I can’t believe how easy it is once you really understand how good eating this way can make you feel. I’m a quality cook (I was featured on the Food Network at the age of 14/was offered a scholarship to go to culinary school), but I must say, this recipe was the highlight of my week – at least regarding eating.

    The only tweak I added was to use honey ginger infused balsamic vinegar – that’s all I had on hand since I’ve just moved – and a few raw cashews. This was truly a treat! Although I don’t think the others in the office appreciated it…I certainly did.

    I even felt guilty after eating it – as if by enjoying this meal, I was breaking the rules and must have been eating something unhealthy. I’m so happy I found your blog – I’ll be back often!


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