Chocolatey-Orange “Dessert” Green Smoothie

Hi kids! You are never going to believe it, I made a green smoothie without dates. AND, I enjoyed it! I am so proud of myself given my relentless sugar cravings. That being said, the ratio of fruit to veggie in this smoothie was still about 2 to 1 (an ideal ratio would 1 to 1), but it’s a huge start for me giving up concentrated sweeteners.

I started with two cups of my homemade almond milk which was 1/4 cup of raw, soaked almonds (soaked overnight in water and rinsed well) plus two cups of filtered water. I just blend that in the Vitamix and it’s done.

I then added this amount of fruit which included one frozen banana, one peeled orange and two cups of frozen strawberries, mango and peaches:

I then added one large bunch of lightly steamed collard greens (about two large servings). I lightly steamed them in the microwave to take the edge off the bitterness. In the future, I want to use raw greens.

I then added two tablespoons of cacao powder, one tablespoon of flax meal and a teaspoon of vanilla:

I blended it on high for a minute or so,

(Near) perfection in a glass!

I deliberately added a lot of cacao powder to this recipe so the chocolately flavor might compensate a bit for the lack of sweetness. It worked. My lil’ brain responded to the cacao nicely. ๐Ÿ™‚

One of you lovely readers suggested I add citrus to the smoothie to also take the edge off any bitterness in the greens. I think it must have worked because I did not detect any bitterness at all and the citrus undertone was nice (don’t know if that’s the proper culinary use of that word but whatever). The smoothie was obviously not as sweet as what I’m used to using dates, but it was really good and I was so proud of myself for taking the step to leave out the dates.

Here’s the recipe:

So this wraps up another busy week. Is spring here yet? I am in the depths of my school semester, but I’m managing pretty well. I am writing a paper on the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obama Care) for one of my classes and working on a huge project on malnutrition in India for the other one. I’ve also been busy writing web content for the Nutritional Research Project which is my volunteer project. It’s a great organization, it’s a non-profit dedicated to doing research on high-nutrient diets. Dr. Fuhrman is the Director of Research. Check out the website here where you can sign-up for updates (written at least partly by moi).

I’ll be back tomorrow for a weekly-wrap up. Happy Friday!



    • says

      Oh yeah, Faith, have you ever eaten those chocolate orange wedge thingies? I use to looooove those. Chocolate pretty much goes with any flavor if you ask me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Robyn :) says

    I just realized that Nestle cocoa powder(no sugar added) is not the same as raw cacao powder lol. Oops. On my next visit to the healthfood section of the grocery story I will remedy this situation.


    I pinned this recipe, too. Not sure I will add in the greens. Not that brave, yet.

    • says

      Come on Robyn, you can do it, add the greens!!! Just try a small handful of spinach (they are probably the blandest greens out there) and let me know how you like it. Your body will thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚ And, by the way, you don’t necessarily have to get cacao, it is the raw version of cocoa powder. I have heard that there are more antioxidants in the cacao than the cocoa, that’s the only reason I go with the cacao.

  2. Gina says

    Sounds YUMMY! I’m giving this one a try!
    Quick question, Carrie. When you make your almond milk in the vitamix….when you’re done blending it, do you pour it through a nut bag to separate the milk from the bits of almond meal? I have in the past because that’s what was in the directions I had, but I wanted to try not doing that and just drinking as is.

    • says

      Hi Gina! I tried straining my almond milk one time but it was too messy and took too long. I think it’s nice if you are going to use it for drinking or whatever, but in a smoothie I don’t mind not straining it PLUS that way I’m certain I’m getting all the benefits of the whole almond, you know what I mean? Have a great weekend!

  3. says

    Hey you!
    I’ve been making heaps of cacao smoothies lately. I know exactly what you mean about the dates, I don’t think I’m ready to leave them out just yet, especially because I’ve started putting Spirulina in smoothies and I think the sweetness of the dates help to mask that. Just a thought, instead of adding whole citrus, why don’t you just add orange ZEST? I used to make spiralina orange choc energy balls with the zest and it’s super delicious! Means you can save the flesh for juicing also!
    Have a great weekend xxx

    • says

      Oh my gosh, your spirulina energy balls sound delicious! I think maybe I will use the orange AND the zest next time in my smoothie…brilliant idea!!! Have a fabulous weekend, too, and stay warm. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Veronica says

    So are most greens OK to mix into smoothies? I recently started making smoothies for breakfast and stick to frozen spinach (it’s cheaper than fresh). But if collard greens, kale, and broccoli are good, I’m open to try other types. Is there a guideline you go by for greens? I also see you add dates and flax seed. Are those mainl for extra fiber or for flavor enhancements? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Veronica! I would say, yes, that you can blend any green, and that it’s actually better to get a variety of greens. The only limitation would be flavor, though. When I use strong flavored greens like watercress, I have to use more fruit and/or dates to sweeten. I add the flax for its health properties (such as omega-3 and fiber) and the dates I use for sweetness. Good luck!


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