Avocado & Vegetable Blender Soup

Even after two years of Vita-Mix ownership, I’m still learning new, incredible recipes that can be made with it. I was originally drawn to the Vita-Mix at one of the Costco road shows where the salesperson created a hot soup from whole-foods ingredients in a matter of minutes. Granted, the recipe she made used chicken broth and salted seasonings, but I just remember being totally amazed by how quickly a meal was made.

I didn’t immediately adapt to the Vita-Mix. I tried making raw soups that were not that appetizing and looked, quite frankly, like baby poop. After several not-so-tasty lunches, I dropped the raw soup quest and moved onto green smoothies with much more success. Later, I started using the Vita-Mix for savory cashew cream sauces that have taken my vegetable dishes to a new level. And, don’t even get me started on how delicious my Macadamia Sweet Cream Sauce is on just about anything!

A few days ago, I was inspired by this episode of The Chef & The Dietitian to try making a raw soup again.

The Chef & The Dietitian Make Spinach Soup

I replicated this recipe at home with great success. I’ll let you check out the video for the exact proportions, but here were the ingredients (I threw in the shredded carrots even though they aren’t included in the original recipe and I also substituted soy milk for almond milk):

It is as simple as loading up the Vita-Mix and blending for a minute or so:

Here’s a close-up of the resulting yumminess:

The soup is delicious!!! I believe the difference between so-so and amazing raw soups is the addition of the avocado and the almond butter. The sundried tomatoes also add flavor.

Just to be sure, I tried making my own version with different vegetables. I used steamed cauliflower which doesn’t make the recipe raw, but I’m not a big fan of uncooked cruciferous. I made a few other changes including only using half of an avocado, increasing the almond butter, adding garlic for some kick, adding turmeric for color, leaving out the spinach, adding beans for more protein and using soy milk instead of almond milk. I think you could vary this recipe quite a lot and still have good results as long as you keep some avocado and some almond butter.

Here’s what my version looked like. I kept the texture a little chunky which was nice and decreased the comparison to baby-you-know-what:

Well, okay, it’s not the prettiest soup, but it gets high marks for nutritional value and great taste. If you have a high-speed blender, what is your favorite non-smoothie recipe?

As you probably know since I’ve been talking about it for months, I’m traveling to Portland, Oregon, this week for the 1st Annual Vida Vegan Blogging Conference! I am really excited and can’t wait to meet like-minded new friends. Who knew there were so many vegan bloggers?!?

I will make my first attempt to blog from my iPhone on this trip (fingers crossed) with photos of my adventures. Already, I have a full schedule of seeing a screening of the documentary “Vegucated” as well as a tour of Bob’s Red Mill and lots of vegan food deliciousness!


  1. Sandy says

    Yeah, it looks okay. It sounds awesome. Just a tip, my abuelita used to add a little lemon so the gucamole would stay green & not turn brown. She would sometimes leave the pit in while being stored in the refridgerator.
    Thank you for all you do.

  2. Patricia says

    Thanks, Carrie – I’ll have to try this soup. My current favorite Vita-Mix soup is this:

    Roast 4-5 tomatoes, 1/2 onion (roughly-chopped), 2-3 cloves garlic, and a few slices of jalapeno in the oven a bit. Toss in the vita-mix with the juice of one lime to make a beautiful red puree. This is then the base, to which I add chopped spinach and some beautiful heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo (precooked, of course). After warming the soup a bit, I top it with fresh cilantro and avocado.

    • says

      Patricia, this recipe sound incredible and so low in fat but high in flavor. Thanks so much for sharing. I continue to be amazed by how easy healthy cooking can be, not to mention delicious!

  3. says

    Must try this soup asap!! I need to get in the habit of having some kind of soup like this and a salad for more meals…less beans and grains (even though they are good for me) so I have more room for more veggies. Thanks so much for your blog – I love seeing your recipes!


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