Baked Quinoa Burgers with Homemade Peach Salsa

I like quinoa! I don’t love it, though. I find it to be really bland and kind of boring unless it’s well-incorporated with other flavors. That being said, I looooove these quinoa burgers I made last night for dinner! I find that whenever I make quinoa, I have tons leftover so this recipe works well for that. The chickpeas add fiber and more protein and the texture is really nice. They are also baked so there is no added fat to this recipe. Yes!

The star of last night’s dinner was the peach salsa I made as a condiment. I’m a salsa-making newbie, I really have no skills despite living in California for the past 20+ years. It was so easy though and I fully intend to make more salsas in the future with different seasonal fruits.

First, I made the burgers by mixing the quinoa, chickpeas, onion, garlic, sunflower seeds, flax meal and spices in my food processor:

I could tell right away that the texture was going to make an awesome burger. I formed two patties (this recipe will make four burgers total) and baked them at 350 degrees for 40 minutes, flipping once. The picture below is how they looked before baking. Once they were cooked, they were golden and even a little toasty on top.

Here’s the recipe:

The peach salsa was the easiest thing ever, I combined two chopped peaches (from the “visually distressed” bin at the farmers’ market!), two jalapeños (no seeds for me), one onion, one large tomato, a bunch of cilantro and the juice of 3 limes:

I think the flavors will taste even better when I have leftovers tonight for dinner.

Here’s the recipe:

Big thanks to Angela from Oh She Glows for featuring my Cashew Cream Orange Salad Dressing recipe on her Vegan Recipe Link Love post today. Yay! I am having a great day so far and I am getting a massage this afternoon, I can’t wait. Yesterday I finished my Anatomy & Physiology summer course (hard!) and I’m at the tail end of my master’s degree practicum. It has been a BUSY summer. This fall it looks like I’ll be taking Nutritional Epidemiology for my master’s degree and my last science class for my RD coursework: Microbiology. The fun never stops, ha ha!


  1. says

    Those quinoa burgers look amazing! I’m loving that they look really pretty and like they hold together well. Crumbly burgers can still taste nice but it’s more satisfying to have one that actually holds together.

    I just found your website and can’t wait to try some of your recipes! The Chocolate Oat Energy Bars are calling my name and calling it loudly.

  2. says

    Oh my gosh Carrie!!!! Chickpeas AND Quinoa?!?!?! I LOVE IT!!! You should really put together a cookbook so your recipes stop taking up all of the space on my bookmarks!!!! 🙂 I really need to make these — after I get my air conditioning back. My parents won’t allow me to use the oven until then.

  3. Charron says

    Hi Carrie. These burgers are just what I was looking for. Quick question: do you think the left over burgers can be frozen?

    • says

      Hi Charron! Yes, absolutely you could freeze these burgers for later use. They might not hold together as well, though. Are you thinking of baking them cooked or uncooked? My rule of thumb for freezing food items in terms of maintaining quality is to make sure that nothing has been frozen before. So, if you’re cooking the quinoa from scratch and the other ingredients are fresh, then they should freeze well. Let me know how it works for you!

  4. says

    I really appreciated your recipes. My husband and I are trying to detox but some of the recipes are a little boring so we found your blog. I appreciate this one as I am going to make it tonight.

  5. says

    These turned out AWESOME! The peach salsa was the a perfect compliment. My girlfriend is trying to get me to eat a lot more healthy and I haven’t liked most of what i’ve tried. We tried these yesterday so now we are gonna try some more stuff on here. Thanks!


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