Raw Buckwheat Cereal

Eating more raw foods is a goal of mine, although I’d say I’m at the very beginning stages of this endeavor. For months now, I’ve been alternating cooked steel-cut oats with a green smoothie for breakfast. Since I’m such a creature of habit, I have no problem with this routine and I see no reason to change. However, my husband did wonder out-loud recently if there were some other breakfast foods we could incorporate into our diet? All I needed was inspiration from Angela’s post on raw buckwheat groats to take the big leap into making this dish.

The first step is to find yourself some of this grain that is not really a grain (it’s really a seed). You can find them in the bulk bins of your health food store or get them online from Bob’s Red Mill. Also, just wanted to mention that even though the seed is called buckwheat, there is no wheat or gluten in it, so it is appropriate for people who have a gluten intolerance.

The necessary first step in making this dish is to soak about a cup of the groats in a bowl of water overnight. I have been using 1 cup for two servings. You don’t need to measure the water, just put enough in to cover the groats and let it sit at room temperature. The second necessary step is to rinse the groats the next morning because there will be some slime on top (I have no idea why this happens but it’s normal). Lastly, you’ll need a ripe banana to make the cereal tasty. Trust me, I tried eating the groats plain and it wasn’t very good. The banana makes all the difference.

To assemble the cereal, it’s nice to process about half of the groats in a food processor with the banana to make it creamy. I add about 1/4 cup of soymilk and some cinnamon and dried coconut to jazz it up. Then, you’ll just serve it in a bowl like my photo above and add some chopped fruit on top if you wish.

I had to make this cereal twice before it really grew on me. I found it to be tasty with a wonderful texture and filling enough to hold me through a workout with no snack until lunchtime. Looks like change can be good as I am for sure going to incorporate this dish into my breakfast routine!

It has been a crazy week as my summer coursework winds down. I’ll have a few weeks of time off before the craziness begins with the fall semester. Oh well, I guess it’s better to keep busy to stay out of trouble, right? I’ve been messing around some more with my food dehydrator, but a decent cracker recipe using the pulp from my juicer still eludes me. This recipe has been my toughest so far! I think I might take a break from trying to use the pulp and focus on a raw dessert, instead. Have a wonderful weekend!




  1. eva @5fruitsNveggies says

    oh yes!!! i learned about this from angela too….LOVE it!…it’s so delicious and satisfying…which reminds me to go soak ‘dem groats now before i forget


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