Eat to Live 6-Week Challenge

A few days ago, I referenced the book Eat to Live that I’ve been reading. I finally finished it yesterday and I am bursting with ambition to further clean up my diet.

If you haven’t read it, the overall message is that a plant-based, whole foods diet can cure many medical disorders and protect us from diseases including cancer. The book is written by a medical doctor and all of his research is scientifically-based. I’ve read a ton of nutrition and diet books, but this one spoke to me in a way that few of the others have.

It is by pure coincidence that Dr. Fuhrman (the author) issued a 6-week challenge beginning this weekend to anyone who wants to change his or her life using the guidelines in the book. I have decided to accept the challenge!!!

Therefore, for the next 6 weeks, I’ll be documenting my progress. The challenge ends on December 31st. I have created a list of goals that I will share along the way. They include: weight loss, fewer migraines, fewer allergies, hormone regulation, etc. I have recruited my husband to join me. I’m not sure if he knows what he’s in for (insert evil laugh here).

I’ll also be including recipes that I develop during the 6 weeks. These recipes will be vegetable-based, low-fat and prepared with little or no salt. I have already started feeling better after becoming vegan two months ago and I am super excited to continue my journey!


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